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  1. This should be a very simple request.

    I would like a plugin that blocks both join and leave messages when a command is given.
    Because of this it would need permissions for that one command.

    By default, I wouldn't want this plugin to do anything at all, just sit there until that command is given, of course that command would need to toggle the messages.

    The reason I want this is simply for combating join/leave spammers with tons of accounts.

    If you're feeling really helpful, if it could have a separate command for join and leave, that would be awesome!

    Thanks in advance for the help, I know this shouldn't be all that difficult :)
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    A google search turned up HideStream.
    Looks like it does everything u want.

  3. That's the main thing I need :(
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  5. No disrespect meant cause I know you're trying to help, but did you read my first post?

    The main thing I need is the ability to enable/disable the join/leave messages server wide and on the fly via a command.
    That plugin is per-player only and in addition, which doesn't work as an anti-spammer plugin.

    Thanks for trying to help though :oops:
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    ill makke it for you

    i just need to know if youre server is running on java 7

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    Just compile it with java 6 ;) it makes it compatible to both java 6 and 7
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    didnt know that, thanks!
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    No problem! :)
  10. Thanks! And ya, the server runs Java 7
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    i know a server that needs this.
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    NP, sorry i couldnt help. i saw in that plugin that it said something about a command
    ""/showme"As a player with the AJLM.staff permission (or if you're an op) you can use this command to toggle the visibility of the joining/quitting messages."

    i misread that i assume, my bad
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    Added :)

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