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    Hi I am GamerSam and i'm here for help. I am here to humbly request any bukkit plugin developers to help me with this plugin. The plugin is called NPC BRAWL. This is an idea for this plugin:

    When people hit a sign for this specific game (NPC BRAWL) they get teleported to a waiting lobby, aka the lobby u wait in for the game to start. This is where they can select there kits. Once the game starts, the plugin spawns in individual controllable npc for individual people, on which the people themselves r sitting on. When the countdown is over the game begins and the goal is to kill as many people on the other team as possible and kill the king. the kits can be the following, king, Brawlers, swimmers, archers beserkers, and runners. Only one random person gets selected to be a king on each team but they Get regeneration and 20 hearts but they can't do anything but stand, Brawlers get good sword and armor, Swimmers npc can swim in water, Beserkers get leaps and the npc leaps with them, and finally the runners get speed but less armor.

    Please if you think this is a good plugin, help me. I can't tell you how much i would appreciate it. Thnx and if you think this is hard, don't bother. I don't wanna put work on our awesome developers.
    Thnx once again. I can wait for this plugin to be made for however long it takes. And this would be completely public plugin which i won't own or anything. So please help. Thnx.

    Any developer helping me will get a Developer or even Mod on our server. This is like a reward. I know making a plugin is hard and getting ranks back isn't enough for the hard work, but in the near future when we do get donators on our server, we will hire you to make plugins for us for pay. So thnx again. And a yeah, bye.

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    No offering money for services.
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