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    I know there is a mod for this, but it isnt updated, so can someone make a plugin that makes redstone able to climb walls, and be placed on walls, it would be so handy to have it.. Please and thank you for who ever does it. you will be my hero.

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    where does it say in there?
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    Redstone can't be placed on walls. The block in Minecraft is on the ground only. Placing it on the wall couldn't be the same block like you think. A new block would have to be created to place it on walls, which can't be done with a plugin.
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    damn okay..thank you..i really liked that mod when i used it..guess i need to find a way for it to get updated..
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    Maybe make it so you can stack redstone on top of redstone instead? Like have redstone place-able in mid-air but only if redstone is directly under it then some tweaking to make redstone signal climb the pillar of redstone.
    Is this at all possible?
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    well im new to hosting a server so i was
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    You could use CraftBook wireless redstone IC's. Or just use Redstone torches on top of blocks to move redstone upwards.
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    Or just look at SethBling's new wireless redstone. Works anywhere in the world it's just a command block with /testfor @p[r=5] or something like that. Here is the link:
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