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    Latest Version: 2.8
    PasteBin Link (Auto-Ban Config)

    NoCheatPlus is an Anti-Cheat plugin to protect your server from cheaters. But, currently, there are many flaws within NoCheatPlus. The goal of this config is to maximize the performance of NoCheatPlus while limiting False Positives. Once the config is perfected, it will be introduced to the NoCheatPlus developers to potentially be the future default NoCheatPlus config.

    This is a free, custom, NoCheatPlus Config. This config fixes many of NoCheatPlus's flaws. It will punish hackers when it is sure they are hacking. The config is shaped based on community input. I will adjust the config and the community has the option to respond about an option. Below you find other information on the config and how to help out with the config.

    Features of this Config:
    • Limits False Positives
    • Drasticly improve the peformance of NoCheatPlus
    • Limits notify messages to significantly reduce spam
    • Blocks commands to view plugins
    • Reduces server lag caused by NoCheatPlus
    • Easier to read messages
    • Punishments for hacking
    • In-Game warning for hackers
    • Captcha enabled to stop Spam-Bots
    • More detailed notify messages
    • And much more!

    With the config, you will find noticeable improvement in NoCheatPlus.

    Hacks Blocked (open)
    - Fly
    - AirMove
    - AirWalk
    - BunnyHop
    - BoatFly
    - ElytraFly
    - FastFall (Minor)
    - FastLadder
    - Glide
    - Jetpack
    - LongJump
    - Phase
    - ScaffoldWalk (Some forms)
    - Spider
    - Speed
    - Step (Some forms)
    - Blink
    - Timer
    - NoFall
    - NoWeb (Minor)
    Block Checks
    - CivBreak
    - ClickNuker
    - FastBreak
    - FastPlace
    - LiquidInteract
    - Nuker
    - SpeedNuker
    - NukerLegit
    Combat Checks
    - Aimbot*
    - KillAura*
    - AutoAttack*
    - ClickAimbot
    - ClickAura
    - FightBot*
    - FastBow
    - MultiAura
    - ForceField
    - Criticals (Jump and Packet)
    - Velocity (When AntiAntiKnockback is installed)
    - Fight Reach
    - Fight Speed
    Player/World Checks
    - Derp
    - Headless
    - Regen
    - FastClick
    - FastDrop
    - FastEat

    Hacks not blocked:
    - Jesus
    - NoSlowDown
    - More advanced KillAura
    - Automatic mods that do it for the player (AutoSprint, AutoMine, etc)
    - Inventory Move

    * May take time to notify/take action. Has best effect when fighting multiple entities. Low settings on one entity has a very low chance of being detected. NoCheatPlus does not have support for Killaura so it may not work best.


    This ins't just about me making the config and you using it, it involves the community too! If you find anything wrong with the config or find something that needs improvement, let me know! All input is welcome. Down below you can find information on how to contribute in the project.

    How to Contribute (open)
    1. Use the latest community config to adjust.

    2. Once you have adjusted and tested your config and found it effective, post your config using the following format:

    Config: (Preferred Pastebin)
    Changes you made:
    How these improvements should help:

    3. I will then take a look at your config, I will test it myself and compare and changes to the config. Once I have agreed upon your changes, I will post it as the latest community config. It may take some time to test your config and post depending on my schedule.

    Version History & Future Updates (open)

    To see versions before 2.0, see this link: https://pastebin.com/EpYuvVuf

    Version 2.0 | Pastebin link (Normal Config)
    + Lots of tweaking was done to improve the overall efficiency of NoCheatPlus including FastBreak, Block Break Frequency, Wrong Block, Block Interact, FastPlace, Block Reach, No Swing and much more.
    + Disabled Chat Color check.
    + Improvements to Improbable check and Yawrate
    + Lots of checks that include a ban will now ban at a higher VL (To reduce ban false positives)
    + Limited combat speed to 12 CPS
    + Better Inventory Drop check
    + Better Creative Fly and Survival Fly check
    + Much better MorePackets check
    + Improved Passable
    + Improved Notify Messages
    + Fix some glitching on certain blocks with servers that run older versions or ViaVersion
    Version 2.0.1 | Pastebin Link
    + Minor tweaks done to improve the effectiveness of the MorePackets check
    + General improvements done to equal out the difference between the Ban Wave config and normal
    Version 2.1 | Pastebin Link
    + Auto-Banning is now extremely accurate when to ban a player because it uses Conditional Commands to determine if a player is lagging or hacking.
    + Disabled Fast-Click ban
    + Added notify and cancel only config. If you do not want any sort of punishment to a hacker (Kick/Ban,) use this config. It will still cancel the attempt
    + Added much more useful things to the zip. It includes Protocol Lib to help improve performance of NoCheatPlus, and added the plugin AntiAntiKnockback to stop anti-knockback hackers. Please let me know if the plugin is not working on your server. I have not tested it on multiple versions yet.
    + Minor tweaks to config to help improve messages and other things
    Version 2.1.1 | Pastebin Link
    + Fixed issue with FastClick not canceling at a certain VL
    + Cleaned up strings area
    + It now uses data expiration, so a players VL will be reset every minute and fifteen seconds
    + Minor editing to reduce notify message spam
    Version 2.2 | Pastebin Link
    + Relog delay changed to four seconds
    + Angle notify message reduced to 225 VL
    + More improvements to the Criticals check to reduce false positives
    + Adjustments to Fast Consume to reduce false positives
    + Limits Elytra flying speed
    + MorePackets, CreativeFly, and Passable cancel VL adjustments
    + General Improvements and Message Improvements
    Version 2.3 | Pastebin link
    + New bold prefix
    + Auto-Ban config will notify when it bans a player to chat and console (This will also allow for easier diagnostics of problems)
    + Ban warnings will now notify with one message only
    + Small chat changes to improve long term anti-spam and more efficient notify message
    + Massive changes to the combat check not limited to:
    - Better improbable checks
    - Better critical check
    - Stricter direction check
    - Improved angle check
    + Small changes to SurvivalFly
    + Major changes to notify messages (Most notify details removed and more comprehensive messages)
    + Many improvements to reduce command spam and make the config more efficient
    + Attempts to fix @DoubleGapples console spam by switching to a numbered system
    + Updated NoCheatPlus along with some config changes to other plugins (Download version only)
    Version 2.3.1 | Pastebin link
    + Attempts to fix @BryanChung's false Fast Break ban by raising the ban VL significantly
    + Improvements to CreativeFly
    + Better overall checks and notify messages
    Version 2.3.2 | Pastebin Link
    + Fixed criticals false positive
    Version 2.4 | Pastebin Link
    + Added warn messages to bans
    + Reduced false bans
    + Faster Auto-Sign ban
    + Much smarter Improbable check
    + Added kick command to some checks
    + Better fight reach check
    + Better MorePackets check. This will attempt to reduce some lag when joining.
    + Brand new cheat warn message. (Recommended to use Notepadd++ to add this because it uses unicode characters. If you use regular windows notepad, please save the encoding as UTF-8)
    + Minor improvements to config
    Version 2.4.1 | Pastebin Link
    + Added Auto-Kick config
    + Adjustments to Creative Fly check
    + Adjustments to Relog Check
    + Updated NoCheatPlus to build 1060
    + Better block interact messages
    + Improvements to overall config
    Version 2.5 | Pastebin Link
    + Improvements to Block Interact check
    + Stricter Interactions per second
    + Faster FastPlace punishment
    + Minor Improbable adjustments
    + Much better fight checks
    + Huge improvements to the MorePackets check
    + Improvements to CreativeFly and SurvivalFly checks
    + Better Passable check
    + Config will only punish with a 19.5 TPS and above
    + Minor config and zip improvements
    Version 2.5.1 | Pastebin Link
    + Punishes players if the server is has an average of 19.2 TPS
    + Clears the check after the player has been banned (Even if they were banned or not banned)
    + Added kick message similar to the Autoban message
    + More minor changes to the config
    Version 2.6 | Pastebin Link
    + Huge Update: The config now uses VL ladders. So a player who is not lagging, will be punished faster, and a player lagging, the config will be more lenient. It is now impossible to bypass ConditonalCommands with PingSpoof, because everyone will now be caught
    + Much faster bans/kicks in checks that don't produce false positives
    + All tempbans are now 7 days
    + Small chat adjustments to reduce spammers
    + Fight reach reduced to 4.1
    + Minor config adjustments
    + I am now experimenting with another AntiAntiKnockback plugin to reduce false positives. The changes are not present in this update, just a heads up.
    + The ZIP file has a recommended changes note. Take a look at it and it will suggest changes to your config based on your server type.
    + Ban Wave config is discontinued, you can still find the folder with the files though.
    Version 2.6.1 | Pastebin Link
    + Fixes an issue with SurvivalFly ban
    Version 2.6.2 | Pastebin Link
    + Huge shoutout to @IndieGuts for this update. They have so generously provided a server for me to test on. This allows me to better test the config.
    + Disabled Block Place NoSwing check, it caused too many false positives while placing blocks
    + Minor Improbable adjustments
    + Minor changes to combat based check
    + Small changes to the MorePackets check
    + Small changes to increase the efficiency of the config
    Version 2.7 | Pastebin Link | Thanks @IndieGuts!
    + Block breaking should be smoother, blocks shouldn't appear back after they broke it
    + Faster Improbable punishment
    + Improved Fight Direction checks and fixed false positives
    + Fighting/PvP should be smoother, adjusted fight reach check
    + Huge improvements towards the MorePackets check
    + Improved Passable notifications and punishments
    + Improvements to the SurvivalFly check
    + Fixed some spelling errors in punishments and other small mistakes
    Version 2.7.1 | Pastebin Link
    + Removed notify messages on login
    + Block Break NoSwing check will only notify, not block. The previous version had the check disabled
    + Improved notifications
    + Adjusted cancel levels for some checks
    + Improved FastClick check
    + Fixed the MorePackets check not blocking after 30 VL
    + Fixed some problems with banning in the Auto-Ban Config
    + Many small fixes to the config not worth noting
    + No longer storing the jar inside of the zip, instead linking to the plugin download
    + AntiKnockback plugin changed, this will detect most/all Knock back reducers. It was detecting me when I was taking 98% knock back
    Version 2.8 | Pastebin Link
    + Fixed tons and tons of small issues
    + Fixed notify messages on join due to old config values
    + Fixed some chat checks still logging to file and console
    + Reduced notify spam
    + Much smoother PvP, adjusted multiple fight checks
    + Attempts to fix @Maxetto's issues by adjusting some things config wise
    + The notify only config now has color coded VL system, green means a lower violation, orange means a suspicious violation, and red means a very suspicious violation
    + Fixed problems/typos in notify messages
    + Adjusted some values and other stuff for better performance and false positive reduction

    Future Versions (open)

    Version 2.9
    + Perfect config values

    A few reminders:
    - Make sure to be on the latest build of NCP no matter your server version.
    - A reload or login may cause players to fail MorePackets/Fly if they moved too much.
    - Use a kicking plugin that supports color codes. If not, the player will be shown the color codes (Ex. &8[&cNCP&8]...) on kick.
    - Not all checks will stop blocking on instant. This limits the false positives. Once it is sure they are hacking, it will start blocking it.
    - This cannot solve all of NoCheatPlus's issues because I can only go as far as the code allows for. I only improve on what is already there.
    - The config should work on all versions of NoCheatPlus, you may have to adjust it though.

    If you have any problems or questions, please let me know.

    Thank you!
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    Version 2.8 has been released!

    Download link can be found here.

    Pastebin link can be found here.

    What's new?
    + Fixed tons and tons of small issues
    + Fixed notify messages on join due to old config values
    + Fixed some chat checks still logging to file and console
    + Reduced notify spam
    + Much smoother PvP, adjusted multiple fight checks
    + The notify only config now has color coded VL system, green means a lower violation, orange means a suspicious violation, and red means a very suspicious violation
    + Fixed problems/typos in notify messages
    + Adjusted some values and other stuff for better performance and false positive reduction

    You can now sign up for email notifications here. You will get notified as soon as a new update is released. You always have the option to unsubscribe if you feel you don't need notifications anymore. I added this as a majority of the people who took the survey felt that there needed to be a better way to know when a new update is out.

    The survey is still open, you can take that here. You can report any feedback there. I always look at any feedback reported and use it to improve the future of the config.

    Thank you everyone! A lot of time was put into making sure that there are no problems with this update. If you do find an issue, please let me know and I'll get on it as soon as I can.

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