Verify Account Plugin

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    Verify Account Plugin

    Suggested name: AccountVerification

    What I want: Very simple plugin. I have a website for my server and I want this plugin to have a user do a command. The plugin would run a MySQL Query on an external database that you can configure the user, pass etc. in a config file. The queries run would a) check if the account exists, and b) change a configurable field to verify the account and my website would detect this and give them access (that part is up to the end user to code). The queries would be configurable.

    Ideas for commands: /verify - runs the queries to verify the account
    /confirm (name) - for admins only, to verify other people's accounts

    Ideas for permissions:
    verify.self (allows players to verify their own accounts)
    verify.others (allows players to verify other people's accounts)

    When I'd like it by: ASAP.

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