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    I was looking for plugins to spice up my server for my bored top-teir ranked regulars and found this bundle of joy:

    The best part of this plugin is the gold boots: they basically make it so the wearer goes towards the direction he's looking when shift+up is held. It does not care for gravity and it goes at insanely fast speeds at the direction you're looking.
    Soaring through the sky with them in minecraft is very entertaining. I have got it working in my server, which has the latest version of minecraft/bukkit but it's somewhat buggy. They give many errors in the console when used, and their speed is far too fast (it goes faster than minecraft can load chunks).

    My request is that someone with experience in making plugins update the gold boots portion (or the whole thing if you feel like going all out!) to work with the latest bukkit version. I also request that admins be able to adjust what boots will do the flying, and at what speed they will go.

    I tried modifying the plugin myself (the source is in the thread), but my limited knowledge of java compiling/testing for bukkit stopped me completely. I'm sure someone with more experience can do this. Sorry if I missed some request suggesting rule in making this thread.

    Thank you.

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