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    Just a suggestion but maybe in the future wait until you have something released before announcing it and calling hmod dead etc.

    Right now there is no bukkit, there's no hmod, there's nothing. Had you waited until you had something released then maybe we wouldn't be in this situation with many of us running a vanilla server with no idea when we'll get a proper server admin. Not that I don't appreciate all the hard work that goes into all of this, but you guys have created a situation. Previously there was something and now there is nothing.

    Options are a buggy hmod where minecart boosting is broken, something that doesn't exist yet, or vanilla minecraft server.

    Just could have been executed better.

    Despite my grievance, thanks for the hard work though. I realize that I haven't contributed much here except to complain, but you are doing this for the users, yes? ;\
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    Herr Riz

    Nothing changed on the hMod side. My server was using build 133 before the announcement, and it still is. No one needs to run vanilla unless they miss the next update.
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    Running hMod 133 fine here...

    hMod won't be dead till the next MC update comes! :(
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    There is no bukkit? Sir there is. My server is currently being powered by it.
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    ITC: Hater getting dunked.
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    Apparently you need to be a Java Programmer to run craftbukkit right now.
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    Thats so the modders can get some work on they're mods and figure out for themselves whats different between this and hmod. Or would you rather bukkit gets released and then you have absolutly nothing to use on it?
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    We wanted people to have a chance to start writing plugins before notch released a new version of minecraft_server. That way when we finished the core there would actually be plugins available for use and people could start moving over rather than having to wait weeks while people migrated their plugins over.
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    To run bukkit at the moment all you need to do is download two .jar files, and change your command line to run bukkitcraft, not minecraft. It's not exactly complicated at all, all our servers are currently running on bukkit with no issues.
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