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    Plugin category: Recreational

    Minecraft version: 1.7.9

    Suggested name: Vapes

    What I want: for this plugin i would like there to be vapes implemented into my server.
    there would be 2 kinds of vapes a box-mod vape and a pen vape. the box mod vape can be a nether brick or something and the pen can be a blaze rod.

    also i would like e-liquids. and each e-liquid when smoked gives a buff or some sort (speed,
    regeneration, strength ect)

    the pen holds less e-liquid and produces less smoke.
    the Box-Mod holds more and produces more smoke.

    When an empty vape is put in a crafting table with a bottle of e-liquid it creates a full vape and the vape can be used 50 times before it becomes empty again.

    to use the vape you right click with the full vape in your hand and it will use some of the e-liquid and make the fire smoke particle effect and plays the fire extinguished sound. then the player is given a certain buff for a minute or so

    Ideas for commands: /Tank :
    shows how many more uses the vape has before its empty

    Ideas for permissions: Player.Vape: allows the player to use a vape

    When I'd like it by: as soon as possible
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    Lol this is quite the amusing post

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    yeah its kinda just a bit of a recreational dumb plugin but i think it would be cool.

    So if anyone could make this plugin for me please it would mean the world to me
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @JanTuck He requested it with a reason so I think that he wants it.
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    Well ill work on it when i get some time.

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    Thank You so much :)
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    I will build it on 1.10 buuut it should work in 1.7

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    ok but what if it doesnt work on 1.7 will you be able to fix it?
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    I hope ill be able to do this.
    I've made alot of progress but i still need alot so as i said there might go a week or two cause in the weekdays my school fill alot.

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