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    This feature provides new API for hiding players from each other. The implementation provides three new methods on the Player class: showPlayer, hidePlayer, and canSee. All three of these take a Player as an argument.

    Player.hidePlayer removes a specified player from view. This will send a packet to remove them from the user list as well as hiding them in-game. This also makes them appear offline when the user runs /list and /tell. This:
    will hide playerB from playerA both in game as well as in the user list, /list, and /tell.

    Player.showPlayer is the reverse, this will make the specified player visible again in all the ways hidePlayer had hidden them.

    Player.canSee is used for checking to see if a player can see another specified player and can be used for hiding from view in your own implementation of /list as well as other areas you'd list online players.

    It is expected that a Vanish plugin would listen to PlayerJoinEvent and immediately hide all currently invisible players from the newly joining player.

    This API does not hide chat and join/quit messages or create fake join/quit messages. A plugin that wants such features will need to implement them on their own.

    For an example of how a Vanish plugin would use this API look at
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