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    Minecraft version: Minecraft 1.12.1

    Suggested name: VampireBats

    What I want: Bats will spawn outside at night (not only in caves) and will suck your blood (fly over to you and you will slowly take damage -half a heart a second-)

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed ;)

    When I'd like it by: Whenever :)

    I haven't seen a plugin like this and have looked for them many times!
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    Do you want the plugin to replace the regular bats, or should it just spawn additional bats?
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    well the "spawn outside caves" thing seems a bit difficult to me
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    Is it possible to make bats able to spawn over a certain y level @MightyOne ?
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    I like the idea, do you want custom behavior, like the bat attacks a player only once, then it flies away, or should it just keep attacking the player?

    EDIT :Welp, I can't do this, sorry :p
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    I've made a plugin with the very same name but different functionality. Tahg me if you want it.

    - Normal bats spawn as "Vampire Bat"'s and target the closest player damaging them
    - When the player damages the bat it has a random % chance of transforming into "Vampire" form (uses the Zombie Villager skin) and continues to attack/target the player
    - When the player damages the vampire it has a random % chance of transforming back into "Vampire Bat" form.
    - "Vampire Bat"'s won't transform into "Vampire"'s if its day out
    - If the player is holding garlic the bats and vampires will not target the player (crop item named "garlic")
    - If a "Vampire" is in direct sunlight then it instantly dies (Bats can survive sunlight)

    I haven't got them to spawn outside of caves and at a certain Y-level but that is easy.
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    @critikull guess you wrote your custom bat class, right?
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    @MightyOne Yep, hardest part is decoding the NMS symbols.
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    @BlockHeads36 the vampire bats replace normal bat spawns so you can increase bat spawn rate with other plugins.

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    @Blockhead7360 Need more info than that to help lol. When you start the server did the plugin load ok?

    [VampireBats] Loading VampireBats v1.0
    [VampireBats] Enabling VampireBats v1.0

    Any errors in the console?

    Try /vamp spawn vampire or /vamp spawn bat

    Also, in the config, change debut to on: "debug: true"

    Then in console u will see:

    [VampireBats] <entity uuid=d4f1819a-f4fb-479b-80aa-1e23a30c9563 type=BAT name=Vampire Bat hp=30.00 loc=72,41,-160> spawned from NATURAL
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