UUIDs & Above-Head Nametags

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Tslat, Apr 17, 2014.

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    Since Minecraft is now changing to run off UUIDs rather than names, does this mean we will have support to change the name above a player's head without causing client-side issues?

    Would allow for a bit more freedom for plugins that wish to use that
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    That only changes the name on death, or in chat.. it clearly says that in the description.
    It does say it's possible to change the above name head using SPOUT (Which bukkit is not), by using TagAPI.
    TagAPI Only allows changing the colour, not the actual name.
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    True, I was misinformed, I'm sorry. The TagAPI page actually says that changing the name will result in breaking your skin.
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    TagAPI allows you to change the name itself. And even before TagAPI it was possible to modify the name (basicly since ever I would assume, as the server always needs to send a playername to you).

    I don't know how the UUID actually changed this stuff, but based on what I read in the TagAPI thread, there were/are some problems with skins. Where problems seem to mean: it still shows the orginal skin but a different name. (A behavior I would actually like...)
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    I'm aware of all this, which is why I raised the question.. since the skin is no longer dependent on the name (I think), then theoretically it should be possible to change the displayed name without causing problems with skins?
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    For now, possibly.
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    Perhaps a method in the Bukkit API would be handy..can any of the devs confirm whether it's possible or not?
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