[Util] Making FallingBlocks doing damage on fall

Discussion in 'Resources' started by ArthurMaker, Jun 21, 2014.

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    I was playing around with some packets and NMS stuff to make an API weeks ago, and then I found how to make fallingblocks doing damage on fall just using reflection. It just do damage ON FALL (if you want to make a falling block act like a projectile, you have to use runnables and other stuff).

    1. public void setFallingBlockDamage(FallingBlock block, float mindamage, int maxdamage){
    2. EntityFallingBlock efb = ((CraftFallingSand)block).getHandle();
    3. try{
    4. Field f = EntityFallingBlock.class.getDeclaredField("hurtEntities");
    5. f.setAccessible(true);
    6. f.setBoolean(efb, true);
    7. f.setAccessible(false);
    8. f = EntityFallingBlock.class.getDeclaredField("fallHurtAmount");
    9. f.setAccessible(true);
    10. f.setFloat(efb, mindamage);
    11. f.setAccessible(false);
    12. f = EntityFallingBlock.class.getDeclaredField("fallHurtMax");
    13. f.setAccessible(true);
    14. f.setInt(efb, maxdamage);
    15. f.setAccessible(false);
    16. }catch (Exception e){
    17. e.printStackTrace();
    18. }
    19. }

    Default values:
    - mindamage = 2.0F
    - maxdamage = 40;
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    Don't work
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    Umm, you're going to have to be specific one what the damage is
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    This is much easier to do with the "EntityChangeBlockEvent"...
  5. Not only that - but that also prevents future errors since CraftBukkit can re-factor variable names whenever they want, and may need to change stuff if Minecraft's internal code changes a lot (such as 1.8).

    Edit: As a wise man once said (yesterday + Comphenix):

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