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Discussion in 'Resources' started by codename_B, Dec 30, 2012.

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    Found the packet it uses: Packet38EntityStatus

    Soo i kept looking and found that the normal firework explodes using the same method as we're using: this.world.broadcastEntityEffect(this, (byte)17);

    Now.. My brain is totally fried. Why is it that we see ALL regular fireworks explode fine, but when we force the effect it shows up about 50% of the time. I'm going to try and delay it a bit, see if that does any good.
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    Alright i found a semi-better method to get these fireworks to play. It still uses reflection of course, and is still codename_b's code, just i modifiy the private integer that designates how long the firework has flown. Soo this method still allows for minecraft to use it's native code to explode the fireworks, but simply "tricks" it into blowing it up instantly.

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    bob7 I made commands for both variants and tested them a few times and I couldn't experience a difference, the one with the ticksFlown fails as often as the one with the .detonate() method :/
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    It is working nice for me '-'
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    Got a bunch of people together on a server. This appears to be a 1.7 client bug. The strangest thing is some players will see a firework, and some wont. The effect limit isn't cutting off these fireworks, it's like the packet isn't being sent to all the clients within the view radius.
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    bob7 And i found an even better one :)
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    DevRosemberg Which one did you find that is better than the previously posted ones?
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    DevRosemberg So I'm assuming you mean the second version, because the first version just uses .detonate() and the second one delays it. Did you test the second version a couple times and did it always work for you?
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    DarkBladee12 The second version also uses .detonate() which does absoultely everything which codename did here. The second one does not work with the delay and i recommend deleting it which i will do in some minutes. Thanks for making me remember it. And yes without the Delay it works perfeclty.
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    public static void getRandomEffect() {
    return FireworkEffect.builder().withType(Type.BALL).withColor(Color.RED).build();
    Gives me an error!
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    Norbu10 Your method is of a void type so you can't return anything...
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    Norbu10 By the way, that wouldnt return a random effect,
    1) It wouldnt even return a FireworkEffect
    2) If it would return a FireworkEffect it would return a specified one in this case a Big Ball with Red Color.
    3) Try to do this instead:

    1. public static void spawnFirework(Location location) {
    2. Firework fw = (Firework) location.getWorld().spawnEntity(location, EntityType.FIREWORK);
    3. FireworkMeta fwm = fw.getFireworkMeta();
    4. Random r = new Random();
    5. int rt = r.nextInt(4) + 1;
    6. Type type = Type.BALL;
    7. if (rt == 1) type = Type.BALL;
    8. if (rt == 2) type = Type.BALL_LARGE;
    9. if (rt == 3) type = Type.BURST;
    10. if (rt == 4) type = Type.CREEPER;
    11. if (rt == 5) type = Type.STAR;
    12. int r1i = r.nextInt(17) + 1;
    13. int r2i = r.nextInt(17) + 1;
    14. Color c1 = getColor(r1i);
    15. Color c2 = getColor(r2i);
    16. FireworkEffect effect = FireworkEffect.builder().flicker(r.nextBoolean()).withColor(c1).withFade(c2).with(type).trail(r.nextBoolean()).build();
    17. fwm.addEffect(effect);
    18. int rp = r.nextInt(2) + 1;
    19. fwm.setPower(rp);
    20. fw.setFireworkMeta(fwm);
    21. }
    23. private static Color getColor(int i) {
    24. Color c = null;
    25. if(i==1){
    26. c=Color.AQUA;
    27. }
    28. if(i==2){
    29. c=Color.BLACK;
    30. }
    31. if(i==3){
    32. c=Color.BLUE;
    33. }
    34. if(i==4){
    35. c=Color.FUCHSIA;
    36. }
    37. if(i==5){
    38. c=Color.GRAY;
    39. }
    40. if(i==6){
    41. c=Color.GREEN;
    42. }
    43. if(i==7){
    44. c=Color.LIME;
    45. }
    46. if(i==8){
    47. c=Color.MAROON;
    48. }
    49. if(i==9){
    50. c=Color.NAVY;
    51. }
    52. if(i==10){
    53. c=Color.OLIVE;
    54. }
    55. if(i==11){
    56. c=Color.ORANGE;
    57. }
    58. if(i==12){
    59. c=Color.PURPLE;
    60. }
    61. if(i==13){
    62. c=Color.RED;
    63. }
    64. if(i==14){
    65. c=Color.SILVER;
    66. }
    67. if(i==15){
    68. c=Color.TEAL;
    69. }
    70. if(i==16){
    71. c=Color.WHITE;
    72. }
    73. if(i==17){
    74. c=Color.YELLOW;
    75. }
    76. return c;
    77. }
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    You should use a switch statement, it looks better IMO.
    private Color getColor(int i) {
            Color c = null;
            switch(i) {
                case 1: c = Color.AQUA;
                case 2: c = Color.BLACK;
                case 3: c = Color.BLUE;
                case 4: c = Color.FUCHSIA;
                case 5: c = Color.GRAY;
                case 6: c = Color.GREEN;
                case 7: c = Color.LIME;
                case 8: c = Color.MAROON;
                case 9: c = Color.NAVY;
                case 10: c = Color.OLIVE;
                case 11: c = Color.ORANGE;
                case 12: c = Color.PURPLE;
                case 13: c = Color.RED;
                case 14: c = Color.SILVER;
                case 15: c = Color.TEAL;
                case 16: c = Color.WHITE;
                case 17: c = Color.YELLOW;
            return c;
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    codename_B why are you simulating all methods, instead of only sending the packet?
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    Because YOLO.
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    Thats the true meaning of life, we do everything because YOLO.
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    There should definetely a PlaySoundEvent or whatever where you can cancel such stuff when you got the event.getHandler() or something

    Sorry, that was offtopic
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    Oh cool ... (I'm bad to speak English )
    Codename_B can you share that : ?

    I make a similar effect :

    and that :

    Show Spoiler


    Show Spoiler

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    How old are you? It's not "that" hard after taking some Trig classes.
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    you ask my age because I did not express myself properly?

    excuse me, I'm doing my best, I'm French

    The trig classes ? what's ? can you give me an exemple ?

    oh trigonometry classes :D

    But how codename_B implement trig classes ?
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    I would like to know this as well. Does anyone know how to do this?
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    I don't know how to spawn fireworks without sound either.
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    Maybe spawning the particles in a sphere, but then it could lag and would only be either white or random colored
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    1. FireworkEffectPlayer fplayer = new FireworkEffectPlayer();
    2. fplayer.playFirework(player.getWorld(), player.getLocation(), FireworkEffect.builder().with(Type.BALL_LARGE).build()) ;

    How would I create my 'own' effect. Or did I just went full retard?

    Stupid me. Didn't read. got it xD

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    NerdsWBNerds Look mate, getting resources popular isnt easy. It has to be something attractive or something improved about another resource. You going to other FireworkLibs and posting it is spam and in this case bumping an old thread which is not well seen here. Just wait for your resource to get popular if it deserves to be. If not work on a new and improved one. Im telling you this as an advice, not to mock you.
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    To spawn fireworks without sound, look up the source for detonate, and change/delete the playSound.
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