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Discussion in 'Resources' started by StaticE, May 4, 2013.

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    Custom YAML File Utility

    So I looked around a little bit and couldn't find any utility classes out there that make working with custom configuration files easier, so I figured I'd make a handy little class that you can use for your plugins.

    This is basically a class that has a bunch of necessary methods for creating and working with custom configuration files. There is a good amount of detail on the github page and written in comments in the class its self on how to use this utilities methods correctly.

    GitHub project/repository:

    The Class:

    Simple Example Plugin:

    I tested it out in multiple ways, so it should work fine. Just read through the ReadMe on the github page before you mess around with it ;).
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    SE Plugins Looks well put together, I may have to try this out!
  3. Looks good, but I have a little suggestion...
    public static MainClass plugin;
        public CustomYML(MainClass plugin){
            CustomYML.plugin = plugin;
    You should replace MainClass with JavaPlugin, than it is compatible with almost every plugin :)
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    Works nice! But i will create my third yml file with this. how to di this?
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