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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by baffu, Oct 26, 2011.

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    So I've been using a mcmmo class system I my server and have a few things I want to ask
    1. What's the best way to get users to be able to chose their class in the form of a permission group. Currently they need certain items but perhaps a mod could see the stuff and give them their class

    2. I'm looking into expanding into more classes. But magic plugins I see require somone to teach you a spell I just want the user to have all the stuff!

    3. Mcmmo gets better as you play through an ability maybe some sort of leveling system I can add to a plugin. Like restricting a permission node until you have lvl 50. Is there an external lvl plugin?

    4. Is there a plugin that I type /hdhdjf and it displays text?

    5. I am thinking of adding some heros to my groups based mcmmo classes. I don't think heros is permission per class

    6. Basicly I'm sure others are wanting to expand a mcmmo server and so am I so if you have any ideas please help

    Please and thank you

    Is there a way to add a chat prefix to a heroes class?

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