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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MikeyDN, Apr 8, 2012.

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    well i played some creative with my friend and he put more than 1500 TNT and the server crashed
    then i opened it again and it load the map but it uses all of the 1024MB that it can use
    is there any way that i can solve it?
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    Yo, Do you have a back-up of the server? Because if you don't, this may be a worthfull lesson :p .I don't know how big the server is, but I think most of your buildings are gone after 1500 TNT...
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    it was kinda far
    and when i try to connect the server it types
    Internal exception: Read timed out
    and at the server log it types like this:
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    TNT is exploding and lagging your server, I've seen this happen when I was support for a minecraft host a while back, people would give others access to things like creative or WorldEdit, and they would abuse it.
    Two options in my opinion:
    1.) New world
    2.) Find the TNT and remove it before it lags out
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    You could also use mcedit on the map and delete the chunks were the explosion were. Then when you region it will remake the chunks.
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