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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by guitargun, Oct 16, 2015.

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    so as we known when you want to enchant in game you have this weird scribbly text. Is there a way to use this image when building your plugin and use it in game for use in books or signs?
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    - Removed, didn't answer your question, sorry.
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    There should be something like ChatColor.MAGIC or something that transforms the letters into magic characters.
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    I believe that doesn't give any control over characters

    It is not possible to use that font, because it's not actually text supported by any Unicode format.
    The symbols you are referring to are actually what's called SGA, or the Standard Galactic Alphabet (a fictional alphabet invented for the game Commander Keen).

    Because they are not actually a font, the game doesn't know to render them as such, and will only use default Unicode characters
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    @Scimiguy hmm... that's to bad. looks like I have to use the Chatcolor.magic....
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    holy shit....
    lets do some search for the perfect alphabet
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