[URGENT]Problem with Pex!!!!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Neilnet, Mar 24, 2014.

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  2. Remove that something and check if it works again.
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    Checking into it, Nothing comes up in the YML Parser...

    I notice oboshia doesnt have a Group set...

    User Extratea which is the Owner seems to have overlord rank, and permission Owner? doesnt seem right...

    Also I think the main problem is here... further up then groups the user Extratea is listed again as if it were the users area...

    Also even if you dont want to remove what you put in, let us know what you put in... and try using the /pex reload command, it wont reload unless the config is working...
    Hope this Helps!
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    Neilnet If "it" stopped working check the server.log file and post it if you see a stacktrace or error report or something else that indicates a problem. Just saying "added something and it stopped working" does not help.
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    Hmm, figured out what was wrong, my usual YAML parser wasn't detecting a mistake (spacing mistake) so I switched to another one and it fixed it.

    Though I thank ALL of you guys for helping me out <3
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