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    I just started a bukkit server today from my normal server and it runs GREAT besides one major problem when you die and start to spawn it puts you in a spawn loops and you just fall though the map over and over with no stopping HOW DO I FIX THAT? Please help i have a ton of people that come on my server and i need to get it running tonight!
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    I would suggest posting what build of CB you are using as well as what plugins you have installed so people might be able to help you.
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    I only have permissions and essentials installed, I have the most recent version, just downloaded today i believe it is 411 if that sounds correct? Does that help?​

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    ok i just had this issue. delete the spawn.jar. then enter the game and set your home (it doesnt matter where). reinstall the spawn.jar and set your spawn where you want it. should fix the issue
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    Thanks I found this out by myself actually I just /tp to my friend who didnt get in the loop yet and what i did was just /setspawn, Thanks though!
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