URGENT: Disabling Mob XP/Money Farms

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by The_Punkster, Feb 14, 2013.

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    I'm using CookieMonster and iConomy and some players are able to get MASSIVE amount of money by creating xp/money farms.

    I really need a plugin that helps disable the farming of xp.

    Anyone know any? Or if it could be created?
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    OtherDrops will let you do a lot of that. I'm still working on the anti-farming features but you should be able to disable all item/xp drops from mobs killed by fire/fall/drowning/etc. I know of a couple of other anti-farming plugins but they're quite old (haven't needed one recently).

    Here's the config from an included module:

    # Stop Mob Farming (config by Zarius)
            # blockexplosion = tnt, burn = lava, fire, fire_tick
            - &environNoDrop
              tool: *environ
              drop: NOTHING
              flags: UNIQUE # this means that if this drop occurs - none of the others for this creature will.
        ANY_CREATURE: [*environNoDrop]
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    Yeah, I would like this feature too because now days, I sell spawners on the server shop and give donors access to the essentials /spawner command, but when I made it, I was just expecting it to be a way to get item drops, not to start XP Farms. Now, all the people start using it and it would be too much work to remove all the spawners.
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    sajagrules - currently there's no way to specific only cancelling the xp drop in OtherDrops but I'm working on that and expect a solution in a few days.
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    Try adding a scan that finds a mob spawner within a 10 X/Z radius and all y coordinates in that radius. Then, if any XP drops drop from the mob in that spawner in that radius. Add a filter saying- If water is next to the spawner or air is underneath the spawner or signs, then, remove all XP and item drops from the mobs. If none is found, then XP and items should fall normally.
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    Yeah, I've got a mobspawner search (condition "msir" - mobspawner in range) that searches for them - though the futher a radius you search the more CPU it takes. It's better to keep msir down around 10/15 blocks to stop players farming right on top of the spawner however if they build a spawner 100 blocks it's harder to detect - hence the previous config just disables all drops/xp for all fall kills, etc.

    The main problem was that currently you can only cancel both xp and item drops together - need to find a solution (in OtherDrops code, not a problem with Bukkit code) to add "drop: NOXP" (but if you want to cancel both then "drop: NOTHING" works fine).
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    Hmmm, so this plugin will disable all drops/xp from monsters X blocks away from the spawner? Genius.

    EDIT: Damn, you know any anti farm ones I can test with? I can't disable all drops just for farms.

    If you're working on it, any ETA on how long til the awesome feature is added?

    Also, it'd be nice if we can disable xp drops even if they're kiled by players because the farms my players have are made specifically so they can get a one-hit-kill
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    fromgate Retired Staff

    MonsterFix was created to prevent farming. If you don't need other features you can just disable it :)

    Here is example, how MonsterFix disables xp and item drops at "butcheries" (zones where mobs dies too often)

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    My xpbank plugin can disable xp drops from any spawner spawned mobs. You can disable the use of bank in the config and just use the xp block part.
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    Worked like a charm, thank-you sir.
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    fromgate Retired Staff

    One moment about MonsterFix configuration. MonsterFix include lot of "fixes" to modify gameplay, explosion.. etc.

    But if you need only AntiFarm features you must configure MonsterFix:

    1. Type /mfix cfg
    2. You will see which group of fixes are enabled. If you see that words "system, antifarm, explosion, gameplay, anticheat, world" are all green, it means that all feature is enabled (red groups are disabled).
    3. Type commands (without spaces around "=")
    /mfix system=off
    /mfix antifarm=on
    /mfix explosion=off
    /mfix gameplay=off
    /mfix anticheat=off
    /mfix world=off
    4. Restart server
    Now only group antifarm enabled, and only antifarming features is on.

    P.s. You can tune any parameter of MonsteFix using command:
    /mfix <parameter>=<value>

    You can find list of parameters in group antifarm using command:
    /mfix antifarm

    Then type /mfix <parameter> to get addtional information about it (for example: /mfix melon)

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