[URGENT] Can't keep up! Problem in my server.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by AngelTheCatWolf, Jan 6, 2014.

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    I have this problem:
    [18:05:41] [Server thread/WARN]: Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded? Running 3895ms behind, skipping 77 tick(s)
    [18:05:50] [Netty IO #19/INFO]: <[Rey] crevidavid99> Baneado
    [18:05:55] [Server thread/INFO]: crevidavid99 issued server command: /gm 0
    [18:06:03] [Netty IO #14/INFO]: TheLuckers <Norvana> coge piedra
    [18:06:08] [Netty IO #14/INFO]: TheLuckers <Norvana> nos vendrĂ¡ bien para la muralla
    [18:06:16] [Netty IO #19/INFO]: <[Rey] crevidavid99> La muralla con world edit
    [18:06:16] [Netty IO #19/INFO]: <[Rey] crevidavid99> xD
    [18:06:20] [Netty IO #14/INFO]: TheLuckers <Norvana> NO
    [18:06:50] [Netty IO #19/INFO]: <[Rey] crevidavid99> A va
    [18:06:53] [Netty IO #19/INFO]: <[Rey] crevidavid99> Ya me acuerdo
    [18:06:53] [Netty IO #19/INFO]: <[Rey] crevidavid99> xD
    [18:06:54] [Netty IO #14/INFO]: TheLuckers <Norvana> ahora la hacemos entre los dos
    [18:06:58] [Netty IO #14/INFO]: TheLuckers <Norvana> esa isla fue la hostia
    [18:07:02] [Netty IO #14/INFO]: TheLuckers <Norvana> porque dominĂ¡bamos la isla
    [18:07:04] [Netty IO #19/INFO]: <[Rey] crevidavid99> Me cago en la puta
    [18:07:06] [Netty IO #19/INFO]: <[Rey] crevidavid99> Que susto
    [18:07:08] [Netty IO #14/INFO]: TheLuckers <Norvana> la costa de la tierra de enfrente
    [18:07:09] [Netty IO #19/INFO]: <[Rey] crevidavid99> Mira
    [18:07:19] [Server thread/INFO]: [ClearLag] Warning Ground items will be removed in one minute!
    [18:07:34] [Server thread/WARN]: Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded? Running 4337ms behind, skipping 86 tick(s)
    I have the error All time, I don't know what is the problem:
    I have this plugins:
    MultiWorld, Orebfuscator, NoCheatPlus, WorldEdit, BukkitCompat, BOSEconomy, Vault, EnchantedCustom, HealthBar, PermissionsEx, LogBlock, EchoPet, LWC, HypixelPets, SignColors, WorldGuard, CraftHeads, BuyRegion, ClearLag, TeamPlugin, Essentials, QuickShop, EssentialsSpawn, Enjin Minecraft Plugin, AuthMe, EssentialsChat.
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    1. How much RAM do you have?
    2. Are you running on a decent processor? Specs please?
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    I have 3 GB of RAM, Using 40 % When i get the problem, I don't know ejat proccesor its, but the host is PlugPayDay or Ens-ltd, Only I have this problem in the 1.7.2 Bukkit Versions
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    Will be watching this post, looking for solutions to same problem. I have more RAM and didnt have problem till latest bukkit.
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    AngelTheCatWolf My server has been having the same issues and it even happens sometimes when the server is empty. It never causes a crash, but sometimes all of my players will get kicked.

    Does your server host use Multicraft for the control panel and stuff? I have a pet theory that it has something to do with the combination of Multicraft and the new 1.7 Bukkit versions, but I'm not knowledgeable enough to be able to base that on facts. Doing searches of other people with the problem didn't really answer any questions, but it seems to be a trend with Multicraft. Of course it could be coincidence too.

    If anyone finds any answers, please share them with us.
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    No, I'm using MCMyAdmin. In the latest version.
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    AngelTheCatWolf Well that kills my theory, lol. Still interested if anyone can find a root cause.
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