Upgrading to superperms can't possibly be this hard.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by pyraetos, Sep 17, 2011.

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    I've had such a hard time tonight at the hands of bad plugin developers who want to fix something that isn't broken, but thats for another thread.

    Hopefully, someone can give me an easy way of going from permissions 3 to one of the waaay too many options for superperms. However, i've tried most of them and here are my problems.

    bPermissions: no inheritance, this did not work for me.
    PermissionsBukkit: difficult system, no option to import stuff from older permissions plugins.
    PermissionsEX: just turned up a bunch of errors.

    I'm just very frustrated, sorry if I sound like I'm QQing. My server was going just fine until all the developers of the plugins I use decided to stop supporting permissions, now I'm having tons of issues and I haven't been able to successfully upgrade to a superperms plugin. Why did they do this to me?
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    Now hold on there you ungrateful person.

    Firstly if it wasn't for "bad plugin developers" you would have no option other than PermissionsBukkit - permissions 3 was BAD - no two ways about it - lots of broken things.

    Secondly - I will be adding inheritance to bPermissions within the next couple of versions - it's something I've been deciding how to add neatly and in the end I've decided to let people do "oldschool" permissions 2 style config files as an option with bPermissions. This means that if you wish to have inheritance, you can have it.

    This also means per-player permission nodes will be added (but only for the yaml oldschool style).

    Thirdly - I want to know just why if you think all these plugins are so bad you don't submit your own fixes to them via github. They're all githubbed, and what do you do, just sit and complain and hope that someone will do the work for you?

    Good news, some people actually want to help people, but when I add inheritance to bPermissions (since you can't seem to get your head around the concept of multigroup) it won't be for you.
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    Bad plugin developers meaning people who stop supporting P3 before its time. I'm not trying to be ungrateful and I've never used github before for anything but reading some code, but I still don't know what was wrong with Permissions 3!

    By multigroup you mean a user can have more than one group?
    Hopefully you'll understand that I was a bit frustrated at the time of the original post.
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    Yes. Hence why bPermissions doesn't have inheritance - a group is just a set of permission nodes - so multigroup allows for infinite flexibility within this system (donator members, donator mods, donator admins etc) all through different combinations of permission groups without having to have a stupid amount of groups.

    If you take the time to experiment with bPermissions you'll find that multigroup is a really efficient and neat way of doing things - and if you're feeling lazy the dev build here http://star.aquitros.info:8080/job/bPermissions/77/artifact/target/bPermissions-1.6.2.jar for bukkit #1100 onwards will auto-populate your permissions files for you with the "/p helpme" command which can be run from the console or in-game by an op.

    If you still insist on inheritance - simply be patient. The whole point of SuperPerms is that it provides a universal interface for permissions - nomatter what permissions plugin that the user uses - this allows for incredible flexibility in terms of user interface (bPermissions, PEX, PermissionsBukkit) while still maintaining a simple player.hasPermission("node") for developers, without having to include additional jars while building their plugins.

    EDIT: Also PEX is practically identical to P3 in terms of files and structure of said files, as well as including inheritance so you can just use that if you prefer...
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    Alright, I'll try again tomorrow, but I'm still shocked at the amount of (to me and by my understanding) overly drastic changes that have been going on around here. I thought that Permissions (nijiko/yeti) was the only permissions plugin, and that it was doing quite well and permissions systems did not need a universal one, since it already seemed to have one.

    (on a side note, BukkitDev is another one of those changes I could live without)

    But most importantly, is the new SuperPerms system backwards compatible? If I have a plugin which still hasn't been upgraded since for example 818, but does something I need and want to keep, and uses permissions, am I out of luck?
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    Dear plugin developers,
    I'm fine with everyone switching to one system. In fact I'm in favor of it. but if you all want to switch at the same time you need to provide or make clear a easy way to switch from one to another. Trying my best not to sound ungrateful but I have spent a good while trying to figure a way to convert and I still haven't found a easy way. If anyone can direct me to the easiest way that would be great.
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    Just read bpermissions documentation, really. Its got to be the *EASIEST* most straightforward system to work with. I also recommend making your own nodes with the permissions.yml as this makes things a ton easier as well. I make general "group" permissions with permissions.yml so I have server.donator1 or server.donator.level1 or server.donator.level.1 totally up to you!!

    I've also used it to make nodes for my admins and for my mods. so that i have server.admin...for example. Using bperms, you can set the "admin" group to contain server.admin and server.mod...thus inheritance is really a moot point. You also have in-game commands to add nodes on the fly. You can make classes like server.xyz to group all the nodes applicable form xyz plugin so that if bob asks to be able to use those things you can simply pass that grouped node to him.
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    bPermissions has this built in bridge that makes old plugins just work with it - even if the dev hasn't updated.

    EDIT: bPermissions now has an option for inheritance and per-player permissions in the dev builds.


    Use option "yaml_oldschool" - it also supports copied/pasted permissions 2/3 files in users.yml and groups.yml
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    how does it work if say default group has ^factions.create and members group has factions.create? does the members group trump the default group or visa versa? does it matter what order you put these in? it seems im going to have alot of redundancy as my default group is where 75% of the nodes will be added or ^.
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    Thank you
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    negative trumps positive, generally.
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    I don't get it why people find it so hard to find SuperpermsBridge for PermissionsBukkit or PermissionsBridge for PermissionsEx.
    Once one of them is installed, it pretends to be the Permissions plugin and converts any plugins that use Permissions 2.7 and/or Permissions 3.1 to use the respective plugin instead.
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    Because bPermissions includes a bridge? :p
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    @codname_b the /import command is not working for me. It says it will give it a try and then nothing.
    @alexanderpas It is not that we can't find it. it is just that they are so spread out and have little instruction. and so far the only one that I saw that converted was bPermissions and that didn't work yet. frankly I don't see why we need to switch and I find it a hassle that I have to find something that is easy to use and can convert groupmanager all the while I got people bugging me with this doesn't work and this doesn't work. not to mention my real life college work I have to do. I don't know too much about code yet so I know I get lost sometime but I know enough to say that there needs to be a easier way to do it.
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    What are you importing from? (I recently fixed a couple of bugs with GroupManager importing)

    What bPermissions version?

    This includes FIXED GroupManager importing. I typo-ed in a bit of the code originally.
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    I think the main problem was the choice of names/descriptions of the new system. It seemed confusing at best, and sadism at worst. It made a bunch of people react and set their opinions against it.

    Then you find out it's supremely powerful, they just named/worded it weirdly.
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    thanks hopefully I wont need it because the import seemed to work but there was another problem. I posted the exact problem on the bPermission's bukkitdev page
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    >plugin developer can't Superperms
    >burger flipper can Superperms in a single go by manually converting the config

    You should be ashamed of yourself. :(
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    @LEOcab, not to mention, since superperms is bukkit native, no forced dependencies :D!

    Any self respecting plugin that is released for 1.8 should support superperms. (chat color management plugins are possibly exempt)
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    @alexanderpas actually I'm being forced to use it by one plugin. so in a way it is a forced dependency. I also agree that it should be supported but the other system should not be dropped so quickly. especially when there seems to be no one informational source to understand what anything is or how it works.(if there is one it needs to be made more obvious)

    @LEOcab I came here for help not insults. i know that im not good at this that is why i'm here. and since there doesn't seem to be a global permissions file i have to add all my permissions for my 13 or so plugins(and yes i copied and pasted fro GM mostly but had to get the formats right since the import wasn't working at the time) onto one world file the copy and paste 20 or so times for each world (I really don't know why there is no global permissions for bPermissions or maybe i just missed it) and that isn't even working(not even with the import). not to mention I don't got the time to do this with college already started. so u can either be helpful or just shove it and leave.
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    Use PermissionsEX :p
    Do the files manually, itll be way worth your time.
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