Upgrading from BigBrother, should I use HawkEye or LogBlock?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Sleepydragn1, Sep 10, 2011.

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    Recently I've decided to change out BigBrother on my server for another addon, considering that it's quite buggy and because there are better plugins out there (not to mention that BigBrother's development team isn't releasing updates, or at the least hasn't been for a while).

    From what I understand, the main two plugins that are similar to BigBrother are HawkEye and LogBlock. I've looked at both, but I'm still undecided in terms of what I should switch to.

    Also, do either one of them log what a player loses on death, and/or the specific reason they died?

    Would anyone mind offering some suggestions on what I should use?
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    If you read the logblock thread, it mentions how the BigBrother, HawkEye and Logblock coders are getting together to make a streamlined plugin with the best features of all three.

    Having used Logblock, I've found it works quite well, but I don't think it logs what a player looses on death as you asked.
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    I have read about LogBlawk, but that won't come out for a while, so I need a plugin for my server that will work in the meantime.

    I know that LogBlock logs deaths, I don't know to what extent though. Does it log the reason they died, and if the reason is PvP, the player that killed them?

    Also, HawkEye says it logs PvP deaths, but does it log regular deaths and what caused them?
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    Heroicdeath does well in logging deaths.
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    We use HawkEye and it's worked beautifully. Our admins really like the previewing feature. I'm all for recommending HawkEye. Conversion from BB sql databases are also easy aswell.
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    HawkEye is the upgrade from LogBLock and also, LogBlawk (WIP)
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