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    Hey! I have a server which was relying on this plugin, until I started setting up the ranks with permissions. It turned out the permissions available for the plugin were not working, at least not for GroupManager. I would really like an update of the permissions since the original plugin developer isn't updating. I do not like the second update of the plugin, as well as one feauture has a major bug.

    Find it here:

    Help is very appreciated!

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    the original build giving no info and also is all rights reserved, only option would be using the second build, which says you have to have the vault plugin first off for permissions to work.
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    I have Vault installed on my server. It didn't work anyway

    This is the version that has tons of bugs in it, like the climbing function has a major bug (the block meant to be placed beneath you is placed next to you). If anyone could fix this, that'd also be really great!
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    you are still forgetting this plugin is licensed with "all rights reserved".
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    I think that this is what is causing you trouble
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    Well, okay then. Thanks!
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