Updating an existing 1.2.5 map to 1.3.1 with LARGE BIOMES

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by botg_smp, Aug 7, 2012.

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    Is this possible? If so, is it as simple as changing the server.properties file? I don't mind the borders being funky, just want all the newly generated terrain to be large biomes.
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    This is not possible. Well, if you want everything to be gone, than I'll guess you can, but then it's a better idea just to remove the world folder, and let it create a new one.
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    Sucks for me. over 1gb of a world file.
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    The only way this would be possible, would be if you saved schematics of all the builds you wanted to keep, and then imported them after you generated the new map.
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    First a quick note, This will not affect any chunks that are already generated. Only the ones generated after changing to LARGE BIOMES.
    1. Download NBTedit and then extract and run it.
    2. Click "Open" and navigate to your server directory.
    3. Find your world folder and open the file "level.dat" inside of it.
    4. Expand the folder you are presented with in NBTedit.
    5. Find the field "generatorName" and double-click it.
    6. Change the value from "default" to "largeBiomes".
    7. Now close that window and click "Save".
    8. You can now close NBTedit and enjoy your larger biomes.
  6. I tried it, of course you will have the jagged world edges of a changed world generator.
    Thankfully our server just had 3 regions with builds so I copied them with MCedit into the new world.
    It is the same seed, just larger biomes. Now our old start island is next to the new mega island or small continent!
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