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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Xanatos11, Jun 20, 2012.

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    I'm looking for a plugin much like Movecraft before it went inactive. I've been to a few servers with similiar plugins that were self programmed by the admins but I haven't found anything on BukkitDev that works with 1.2.5. If someone can update Movecraft or create something new that would be great. Thanks
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    autocraft is a good alternative that is a bit more combat oriented. Check that out i prefer it to movecraft.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for the suggestions but I've tried both and neither work on my server. I've tried them without plugins as well, are you sure they are compatible with the latest recommended build?
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    well it works fine with 1.2.5 rb 4.0 when I run autocraft. Try redowloading bukkit, what kind of errors do you get? ect?

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    I am absolutely certain that AJCStriker's updated Movecraft build works on MC 1.25 with CB Rec Build 4.0.
    Sign functionality is yet to return, but players with the appropriate permissions can pilot/sail/drive/dive.
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    When I attempt to pilot something in Movecraft I get this message in the console:
    [SEVERE] Could not pass event PlayerInteractEvent to MoveCraft
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    What do you get with autocraft? Errors and such?

    Have you tired a fresh install of bukkit?
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    Autocraft acts very strangely, I've always assumed it is simply outdated. It doesn't seem to pick up the radius of the vehicle very well.
    For example:
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    11:08 AM [INFO] PLAYER Xanatos11 HAS STARTED FLYING airship AT. (-561,105,115)
    11:08 AM [INFO] PLAYER Xanatos11 HAD PROBLEM FLYING AIRSHIP. problem at (-561,103,111) ITS ON NETHERRACK
    11:08 AM [INFO] PLAYER Xanatos11 HAS STARTED FLYING airship AT. (-563,107,113)
    11:08 AM [INFO] PLAYER Xanatos11 HAS STARTED FLYING airship AT. (-563,107,114)
    11:08 AM [INFO] PLAYER Xanatos11 HAD PROBLEM FLYING AIRSHIP. problem at (-561,103,111) ITS ON NETHERRACK

    There isn't any netherrack on the vehicle I was attempting to fly however there was netherrack far underground beneath the vehicle. I've made sure that the airship was floating, very strange error. It does the same with everything else I used, with and without other plugins.
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    Xanatos11 Well go to the coords givin and check for nerack there.

    If that doesnt work jst add nether rack to the ships or global allowed list. If all else fails rebuild you shup and try again. It is not outdated.

    Hope this helps,

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    Alright, I'll try that, thanks for the help.
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    You can't use chests on your crafts.

    And before an autocraft fanboy pipes up, chests cause client crashes on both, however we prevent client crashes autocraft makes them you choice.
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    If you want something lightweight or I believe its more lightweight try searching up boatmod on the bukkit plugin list.
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    Yeah, all chests have been removed and I get the message saying "Welcome on the aircraft! With an item in your hand, right-click in the direction you want to go"
    Nothing seems to work however, and I get the message saying
    04:36 PM [SEVERE] Could not pass event PlayerInteractEvent to MoveCraft
    In the console, any idea what this could be?
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    Could you post a full error log?
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    I'm sorry if I sound stupid here but, how would I go about doing that beyond copy pasting what is said in the console?
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    Copying and pasting it into pastie/pastebin that then posting the link here. :p
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    Deathmarine Retired Staff

    1: Server.log
    2: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/movecraft/tickets/ Use the ticketing system everyone would appreciate it, especially the dev.
    3: ?
    4: Profit
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    I posted it as a reply to your comment on my ticket.
    Sorry about that.

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