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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by DeadSpark143, Nov 17, 2019.

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    Plugin Category :- Fun & Challenge

    Version Compatibility :- 1.13.2

    Suggested Name :- Mini Events

    What I want :- I want a simple Events plugin for all events in one like Sumo, Water Drop, etc. I want it completely like the existing plugin named 'Event' but just more stabled for 1.13.2 and a little bit better that the old one. I am requesting again even though the plugin exist is because the one which already is there is old and not having any recent updates anymore

    Suggested Commands :- Same as the existing plugin Event

    Permission :- Same as the existing plugin Event

    When I want it by :- I would like to have one by a month

    IMG_20191118_083244.jpg IMG_20191118_083150.jpg
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    People usually don't make entire minigames on here.. (Especially not 10)
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    @DeadSpark143 Making this would have to be done entirely from scratch. The author of that plugin has an all rights reserved license attached to the plugin meaning no developer would legally be allowed to utilise their code thus updating it is not an option. Not to mention like @robertlit said not many developer are willing to make entire minigames on here.

    EDIT: Nevermind author decided to release the source. However, this probably won't be done unless you contract a developer anyway.
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    Unfortunately contacting the orignal plugin devloper would be hard or mostly impossible but I dont think there will be any problem if the plugin is not released in public but made for someone to give it to them in private
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    @DeadSpark143 - As I said in the edit while the source code is released there is no license with it. So the policy on what to do is slightly murky as since there is no license one should be free to modify and redistribute the code. However, considering where that the link to the source is on the plugin page makes things more complicated as the plugin is distributed with an "All rights reserved" license meaning the code cannot be modified and redistributed in anyway without prior written consent from the license holder. Further to that the disclosure of the source allows a developer to get a jumpstart on how they could tackle the issues posed by making a plugin like this yet they would technically not be allowed to copy any of the code since it is from the plugin distributed under "All rights reserved" License.

    I understand contacting the original developer may be very hard - yet as long as the license stands modifying their code and redistributing it is a violation of the license therefore ILLEGAL. Modifying the code for personal educational purposes however is not illegal but the code cannot be publically released on distributed in anyway.

    You said that there would be no problem if someone made it and gave it to you in private - that's not exactly true as if you are running a public server it still counts as distribution of the code for a commercial use which is against the license the plugin was distributed under.

    Sorry this was long but let me sum it up

    • Source code is disclosed ---> Cannot really be used other than for seeing ways to approach a problem - due to licensing for the plugin.
    • Making this and redistributing it - is essentially not allowed because of the licensing ambiguity.
    • All Rights Reserved = "this is mine, you cannot do anything with it without asking me"

    Disclaimer: I might be wrong with how I am interpreting all rights reserved - as it was used to state a claim to copyright or ownership but nowadays its often just added for clarity as a part of another license I.e MIT or GPL.

    EDIT: You might consider messaging his bukkit as well but i dont know when he/she was last on
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    Oh thanks for letting me know all this useful information Ill try reaching the orignal devloper for a code and will ask before editing or sharing their codes
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    This one is very interesting, really!
    If you find the solution to legally update it I would love work on it!
    (Can we simply create a plug-in with different name and copy paste the old code to update it??)

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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    No, that does not work.
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    Cant we even use it after all coding the whole plugin ourself and not editing the existing orignal plugin code ?
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Then you can, but then at least make a full request like the other plugin doesn't exist.
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    Thanks timtower, @DeadSpark143 do a full request with all games you want with and their details. With the help of other devs we can do that ! (but) it will take a lot of time x)
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    Ok @pulsepvp_ so I have someone who already coded one but it has bugs and errors the Dev says so could you guys do it in co-ordination ?
    Ill ask that Dev if they would want to work on it

    This is the plugin made by them
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    Okay no problem, just send me his discord in DM and I'll talk with him
    I need the source code to work together

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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Locked as this went to DM anyways
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