Update Skysmp, will pay $$$

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    1. permissions
    2. config folder (such has being able to change the blocks from the islands, or items in the chest, distance from each island)
    3. coop-up feature
    4. challenges (configurable)
    5. knows when challenges has been complete, and gives prizes
    6. player bound items (to prevent item duping)
    7. make the top portion of the island grass, and the bottom dirt (not grass blocks), leave the sand alone.

    Fix bugs*
    1. Being able to delicate items, by creating new islands
    2. people fall to their deaths, when tping home
    3. lags when people die, and makes the server not respond
    4. lags when people create islands, or replace it (its probably because all the dirt blocks are grass blocks)

    get the source code from here

    Hit me up with a PM, let me know if you are interested. :)
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    dude there is a coop plugin custom made go on the server
    and try and get it from hom
    Also i have skysmp for 1.2.4

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