[Update Plugin] MobRepellent update for 1.2.3

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    Could someone continue development of this awesome plugin? Or just update to 1.2+
    Plugin category: [MECH]
    Plugin name: MobRepellent
    Plugin info: MobRepellent allows players to construct "repellers" that will prevent hostile mobs from spawning within a certain distance. This is useful for cities and other settlements where mass amounts of torches are not aesthetically pleasing and cannot guarantee that mobs won't spawn.

    Plugin page - http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/mobrepellent/
    Source code - https://github.com/WillPall/MobRepellent
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    MobRepellent has to be one of the favorite mods on my server. Torches and other mods I've looked at don't quite give the same simplicity and effectiveness my server likes (though if there is i'd like to know). This is a great mod and i'd be relieved if an update would come out so my friends would stop asking me about it.
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    Yes, I cannot stress how AMAZING this plugin is. This is THE one single plugin on my server that is crucial to our players. We have lots of areas setup and designed to not-spawn mobs which make for working in 'bases' and at night very effective. I'm begging the community to please continue work on this plugin. It is, by far, the best plugin that we have ever used.
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    I'm working on it maybe until bukkit releases recommended build or if u know where I can find the Entity Listener at I will be glad of getting and posting it as soon as i can.

    Doing this because in my spare time trying to get my server. I'm almost done with my server so it will be soon I promise.

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    That would be awesome thank you sooo much.
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    EDIT: Just gave up because the Java code in use is hard to work with, and the configuration class needs serious upgrading to the new configuration type..
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    Well, I appreciate the effort from everyone, even if you had to give up due to difficulty. I check this thread daily to see where we stand. If people have never used this plugin, then they really don't understand how seriously effective it is at keeping monsters away, without really having to change any of the core mechanics to the server. (IE: don't have to disable any spawns, change light levels, behavior, etc.) I really allows players to set up 'safe zones' where they want, while letting them keep their surroundings like they want them.

    Besides, gives you something else to do with gold blocks. :D Can't ever seem to have enough now.
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    More options in the config file along with changing a towers radius would be nice to.
    Such as specific mobs that it doesn't repel, or kill mobs that walk in the the towers radius ,or being able to change what blocks the tower can be made of (which might be a problem since blocks could naturally form that shape, so a very simple sign might be needed to activate it; this should be optional to keep simplicity if needed). But what i actually would like to see is a command to create towers on a block your looking at, yet be invincible in case some one decides they just need diamond. Something as simple as /mr create and /mr remove.

    Although i like options, i still want to keep it simple;. I would be just as happy to see it working again.
    Though if i had to choose one option it would require a permission to break a tower.
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    Hey guys, sorry for disappearing. I got an email earlier (thanks nighteyes604 !) about interest in an update. I just graduated university, so I've been busy, but I should have at least notified you guys about what was going on.

    As for the update, I'm working on it now. There aren't many bugs that I know of, just some quick updating to match 1.2.* and the pesky damage value bug introduced a while back. However, the GitHub repository is a public repo, and the license is public domain. Anyone is free to clone and re-release, or clone and then send me a pull request.

    I'll keep you up to date over the next day with the progress.

    Thanks for hanging in there,
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    Thanks WillPall, much appreciated! :)
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    A development build is available: MobRepellent-0.7.0-DEV.jar

    This works on CraftBukkit-1.2.3-R0.2. The major functionality is there, however there are a few bugs that were introduced because of many major changes in the BukkitAPI. For the ones I know about right now, check the Known Issues and the Changelog below. I'm working on a stable version that will be out soon.

    For more info, see here: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/mobrepellent/

    Known Issues for v0.7.0
    • Config file cannot be reloaded (/mrreload) in-game
    • Config file not correctly created on first-run of plugin
    • Damage values for blocks (e.g. orange wool), doesn't work
    • Squid don't spawn near repellers
    Version 0.7.0
    • Basic functionality restored for CraftBukkit 1.2.3-R0.2 (#2060)
    • Removed glowstone from restricted blocks, added mycelium, end stone
    • Introduced small configuration file bugs (must stop server, edit file, restart server for changes to take effect)
    • Introduced (re-introduced?) bug with squid being blocked from spawning, regardless of configuration options

    Thanks for attempting to take it over. And yes, sorry for the crappy code. As soon as I get all the bugs worked out on this version I think I'm doing a complete rewrite. It used to be nice and maintainable before I started adding features that required working around Bukkit bugs.

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    No problem congrats on graduating :D. I'm interested in your code so I look forward to stalking Github as you do this lol.
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    Well, I loaded up the new one and get the following:

    Unable to parse manifest details for './Minecraft/ ... (reset of directory)

    I'm using the latest Bukkit (Dev)... should work, right?

    Thanks so much for updating this. My server will actually be playable again. :D

    Edit: NVM, I redownloaded it and it is working now. Not sure what happened.
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    Whew, glad you got it working. Yeah, that shouldn't happen since there's no code that deals with files or directories, other than the Bukkit API calls which handles all that itself.
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    New Stable Release v0.7.1 Available

    Check out MobRepellent at BukkitDev for more info.

    Also, do you guys prefer the plugin releases forum (forums.bukkit.org) or BukkitDev (dev.bukkit.org) for communication with developers? Before I went AWOL they were trying to phase out the plugin releases forum, but it seems to still be going strong and all the old stickies are gone. I'll do whatever you guys prefer.

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