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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Jozeth, Oct 12, 2013.

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    As the rules for Update checkers have been changed again...

    On https://github.com/h31ix/ServerModsAPI-Example it mentions that "The use of an API key is not required to access the ServerMods API." but then says "However, should any anonymous throttling of the API ever be introduced, you may wish to do so in order to identify yourself and remove such restrictions.".

    Should I ask for the server admin's API Key for my next release (in the config.yml) or just use:
    "Project ID only
    Example: Update updateCheck = new Update(38723)
    For the time being?
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    Well why dont you generate your own Servers Mods API key ? (Can be done in dev.bukkit.org => User Managment => Scripting)
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    If you read the link I put in the OP it clearly states: "In a real implementation, the API key would NOT be provided by the developer, it would be provided by the server administrator for their server. You should not share your API key with others."

    I am asking if I should make it compulsory for server admins to enter their API Key to check for updates.

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    Well i dont think any Server "Administrator" will get an DEV Api Key or is registered in the dev part of Bukkit. So i think since this is your Updater for your Plugins you should either use YOUR api key or you shouldnt use the Server Mods API if you dont like sharing API keys. You also can use the RSS Feed for file informations.

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