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    Stargate-DHD - A DHD plugin for the Stargate plugin for the Bukkit plugin for Minecraft
    Version: 0.3.1
    CraftBukkit: 1317

    Plugin Dependencies:
    Stargate v0.6.6 or newer (Required)
    Permissions (Optional)

    This plugin REQUIRES Stargate v0.6.6 or newer.
    This plugin supports both Permissions 2.x/3.x as well as SuperPerms (Via PermissionsBukkit or another SuperPerms manager)

    Download: http://thedgtl.net/bukkit/Stargate-DHD.jar
    Source: https://github.com/TheDgtl/Stargate-DHD

    This is an addon plugin for Stargate that gives the ability to create separate signs to dial a stargate.

    - stargate.dhd.use - Whether the player can use DHD devices.
    - stargate.dhd.create - Whether the player can create DHD devices.
    - stargate.dhd.destroy - Whether the player can destroy DHD devices.

    User Videos
    - Tutorial - Thanks @BIG_PIP_IN

    To create a DHD you simple create a sign (Either a wallsign or a signpost) with the following layout:
    Line1: ::DHD::
    Line2: StargateName
    Line3: NetworkName (Optional, will default to your Stargate default network if not given)
    Where "StargateName" and "NetworkName" are the remote gates name and network.
    If the network is not given, it will default to the Stargate plugins default network.

    To use the DHD, you right-click on it to select the destination (The current destination will be shown on line 4, as well as on the Stargate itself). Once you have your destination chosen, left-click the sign to activate the portal.
    The DHD does the appropriate permissions, and iConomy (if enabled) checks to make sure the player activating the portal has the permissions to do so.
    An added feature of the DHD is that the activating user is not the only person who can walk through the gate, anybody can use the gate once it is active. This allows an admin to open a hidden gate for a user to access an area they normally wouldn't be able to.

    There is no configuration for this plugin.

    [Version 0.3.1]
    - Update for Stargate 0.6.6
    [Version 0.3.0]
    - Added clearing of sign on gate deactivate/close
    - Updated to use new Stargate events
    - Updated for Stargate v0.6.0
    [Version 0.2.1]
    - DHDs can now be either wallsigns or signposts.
    [Version 0.2.0]
    - Added more output, it was confusing users.
    - Need permissions to destroy a DHD
    - Explosions no longer destroy DHDs
    - Implemented Stargate 'stargate.network.*' permissions ability
    [Version 0.1.3]
    - Fixed a sign updating issue
    [Version 0.1.2]
    - Updated to latest RB
    [Version 0.1.1]
    - Fixed an issue with where I was checking permissions. "Access Denied" on every right click is now gone.
    [Version 0.1.0]
    - Initial Release

    As this is the first release there are bound to be bugs. Post if you run into any.
    The current known bug is that the destination does not reset on a DHD, this is because the DHD is a dynamic object, it's not stored anywhere. I will be adding a timer in the next update to deactivate/clear the DHD after a timeout.

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    Just one suggestion...Protection for the signs. When I have creative mode on and I left click a DHD sign, it works fine, but the sign gets destroyed in the process.

    Also, quick question. Does Stargate have support for PermissionsEx? I installed Stargate and all of a sudden my PermissionsEx stops showing my prefix.
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    As people keep attempting to help Drakia bypass the bans placed on him, they leave us no choice but to lock his threads. We strongly suggest everyone look for a better alternative to this plugin as it is no longer supported since the developer has been banned for continuously insulting my staff and breaking several of the community's rules. Anyone helping Drakia bypass any bans will be dealt with.
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