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    Stargate-DHD - A DHD plugin for the Stargate plugin for the Bukkit plugin for Minecraft
    Version: 0.3.1
    CraftBukkit: 1317

    Plugin Dependencies:
    Stargate v0.6.6 or newer (Required)
    Permissions (Optional)

    This plugin REQUIRES Stargate v0.6.6 or newer.
    This plugin supports both Permissions 2.x/3.x as well as SuperPerms (Via PermissionsBukkit or another SuperPerms manager)

    Download: http://thedgtl.net/bukkit/Stargate-DHD.jar
    Source: https://github.com/TheDgtl/Stargate-DHD

    This is an addon plugin for Stargate that gives the ability to create separate signs to dial a stargate.

    - stargate.dhd.use - Whether the player can use DHD devices.
    - stargate.dhd.create - Whether the player can create DHD devices.
    - stargate.dhd.destroy - Whether the player can destroy DHD devices.

    User Videos
    - Tutorial - Thanks @BIG_PIP_IN

    To create a DHD you simple create a sign (Either a wallsign or a signpost) with the following layout:
    Line1: ::DHD::
    Line2: StargateName
    Line3: NetworkName (Optional, will default to your Stargate default network if not given)
    Where "StargateName" and "NetworkName" are the remote gates name and network.
    If the network is not given, it will default to the Stargate plugins default network.

    To use the DHD, you right-click on it to select the destination (The current destination will be shown on line 4, as well as on the Stargate itself). Once you have your destination chosen, left-click the sign to activate the portal.
    The DHD does the appropriate permissions, and iConomy (if enabled) checks to make sure the player activating the portal has the permissions to do so.
    An added feature of the DHD is that the activating user is not the only person who can walk through the gate, anybody can use the gate once it is active. This allows an admin to open a hidden gate for a user to access an area they normally wouldn't be able to.

    There is no configuration for this plugin.

    [Version 0.3.1]
    - Update for Stargate 0.6.6
    [Version 0.3.0]
    - Added clearing of sign on gate deactivate/close
    - Updated to use new Stargate events
    - Updated for Stargate v0.6.0
    [Version 0.2.1]
    - DHDs can now be either wallsigns or signposts.
    [Version 0.2.0]
    - Added more output, it was confusing users.
    - Need permissions to destroy a DHD
    - Explosions no longer destroy DHDs
    - Implemented Stargate 'stargate.network.*' permissions ability
    [Version 0.1.3]
    - Fixed a sign updating issue
    [Version 0.1.2]
    - Updated to latest RB
    [Version 0.1.1]
    - Fixed an issue with where I was checking permissions. "Access Denied" on every right click is now gone.
    [Version 0.1.0]
    - Initial Release

    As this is the first release there are bound to be bugs. Post if you run into any.
    The current known bug is that the destination does not reset on a DHD, this is because the DHD is a dynamic object, it's not stored anywhere. I will be adding a timer in the next update to deactivate/clear the DHD after a timeout.

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    They are a REMOTE sign, you need a valid gate to use it. A gate is only valid if it's an actual fully create gate.
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    Thanks for the clarification. I'd test it out if my server weren't lagging so badly the last day or so that i can't even place blocks let alone play with gates
  4. Ok, since updating to the newest versions we can't destroy DHDs, no matter which permission I use.
    Neiter stargate.dhd.destroy nor stargate.dhd.* work.
    Just an Admin can destroy them.
    Greetings Hiramas
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  6. I'm quite sure, I can use DHDs and create DHDs....
    Just the destruction is not in my power.
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    And you're running 0.2.1? Do you get a message from DHD? (It would have "[DHD]" before it.)
  8. I run the most recent version of everything (downloaded today) and it puts out the message that I don't have permission to destroy a DHD. As said. the permission is properly working, except for destroying DHDs.
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    I linked you to the code, that specific message is only printed if you lack that permission. It has to be something wrong in you permissions config, a tab perhaps? Or the fact 1.6 apparently breaks anything.*
  10. Ok, it seems that permissions keeps to reset the configs everythime you reload the plugins and so I NEVER actually have the permission altough I have written it 10 times or so. I have to stop the server to change it. Thanks for you trying to help.
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    @Hiramas Use the command "permissions -reload all" to reload permissions when editing while running.
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    how to make door???
    i make two world
    one world that called test1 and ip is wow.wo.tc:1
    the other world that called test2 and ip is wow.wo.tc:2
    i make door that name in called test1

    i also make that name in called test2

    and i try torch button
    but it didn't work
    just text
    Invalid Destination
    what the error?
    please talk me detaily
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    Alex H

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    Umm Can you make a tutorial for this? For Network name what do we right there... Cuz what you have up there about Default makes absolutely no sense to me, but by Network Name.. is it like Public? Cuz I tried public and I tried right clicking... and Nothing..
    Also the layout is like this
    That what I put in....
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    There are instructions in the first post, if you've read both this plugin and Stargates instructions it makes perfect sense.
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    i was wondering how simple it would be for you to re-order sign syntax like this and have sign text work like gate text (all info other than gate name disappears and shows previous and next selections instead):
    even with current format if network was dropped during selection it'd provide more feedback to the person using the gate and possibly be more visually appealing.
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    I just found a bug using Stargate-DHD and the plugin BigBrother. With both installed, every time the BB stick is used to view block changes, the server will crash and has to be restarted. Removing Stargate-DHD solved this problem
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    Until I decide otherwise, I will no longer be offering any support for any of my plugins. I'm tired of the way users on this forum act, yes, I'm a dick, but it's mainly as a result of people who can't follow basic instructions, or who don't even take the time to read the first post of my topics.
    My plugins will still be kept up to date with the RBs, however I will not be answering any stupid questions, nor adding any requested features.
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    I hate to see you stop, this mod and the others i have of yours are great and i love them over the other options out there. I understand your choice though and can say i will welcome you back with open arms if you start back up.
    Love your work, dont let the idiot masses get to you to much :)
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    I will be keeping my plugins updated to the latest RBs, but I will not be taking suggestions, nor offering support besides the first post, as that outlines everything you need to know for any of my plugins.
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    Anyway to hide the original sign/button for the actual gate?
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    Plugin is working fine in b953
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    Might be a good idea to change your title from [b953] to just [953] as people who are searching for version compatible plugins wont find you. :D
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    Hi, can i use this to link other maps / words and tele between them
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    Lord Shadow

    This can't be true. I was thinking that Stargate plugin itself is just great. Then I found THIS. The range of possibilities extends further more!

    @BIG_PIP_IN Thanks for your vid, it's very helpful. When I was only reading about DHD I wasn't completely sure how it works but seeing it in action it's quite trivial.

    @spiffhimself I don't want to be rude but it seems you lack any imagination. Of course you can hide it with DHD being only option to use the gate. How? You make gate layout like this:
    and you put wall around sign (from top/birdlike view)
    W - Wall
    X - Gate block
    Z - Signpost
    and that was idea made in 1 min. There are surely nicer solutions...
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    Nicer solution: make the gate face the other way :O

    Also thanks for the complements :D

    @BIG_PIP_IN Wow, totally missed that reply, sorry. I'll check the video out when i get home :)
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    No prob i know your a busy man :D
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    @BIG_PIP_IN Awesome video, linked in the first post :)
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    @Drakia thanks for the props hope these are helping out.
    I love your plugins and hope you keep up the excellent work
    btw i started a new project on my server you should stop by sometime when you have time your plugin inspired this.
    If you are interested just let me know we will set something up so i can show you around :D
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    Lord Shadow

    @Drakia Yea I know but I thought that could be a problem if you wanted to place gate at wall facing the wall since you always get dropped at the side of gate which has sign on. But I found out that placing blocks at drop point makes you appear in gate (the place where portal blocks normally are) without any crash, so yeah, much more simple solution :-D

    Time to play the "lottery gate" => lava pool or treasury room? Who knows what gate has admin dialled :-D
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