[UNSUPPORTED] Basic /clean command

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by halogen1212, Jan 22, 2011.

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    Removes everything in users inventory.

    Currently also removes hotbar, will update soon with options.

    Jar file: Clean version 1.0

    Bukkit build: 68
    Craftbukkit build: 126
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    I like it, very simple.

    Also, you realize you have "The Teenager's Guide to the Real World"'s book barcode as a avatar, right?
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    Alistair Wright

    you realize you have a block of grass as an avatar, right.
    BTW, this plugin seems like it could be useful, my server started out letting everyone spawn anything they wanted so some people trapped me in a cave with some lava. I suspect they still have the lava!
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    Travis Shears

    I like the simplicity thank you halogen1212 finally a easy to clean up my inventory.
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    Thank you so much!!;)
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    This is exactly how i want to see plugins made! one simple command at a time, then people can mix and match all they want, should be super simple if that Fillr ever gets created.
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    Thanks guys.

    1) No i didn't know what the barcode was for, made me chuckle though thanks.

    2) Yes it's very simple, currently just deletes everything in inventory, will eventually clean everything but your hot bar and have a toggle for /clean all to clean everything as it does now.
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    T_T I'm getting a 404 at the DL link...
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    Fix the link please, I would really like this plugin.
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    Update it please!
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    I suggest using Cleaner instead of this plugin because it actually lets you see what other people's inventories are (and clean them). This is good if you want a VERY simplistic version though.
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