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    ItemDrop - Prevent blacklisted items from spreading on your server
    Version: v1.2.1

    Note: This is my first plugin, and my second program in java. Please point out any errors you see in my coding, or ways you think I can improve.
    Thanks to Evil Nilla for the help through out development process.

    This Plugin was created to be an addon to LogBlock, a minecraft BigBrother alternative, it has since evolved to allow servers to prevent spawned blocks from spreading.

    * Allows admins to set blacklisted blocks that will be disabled
    * Blacklisted blocks will be destroyed on drop
    * Blacklisted blocks will be removed from inventory upon opening of a chest, dispenser, crafting table, or furnace.
    * Upon death blacklisted blocks will be dropped from the player, only those with ItemDrop.allow will be able to pick them up
    * Players without ItemDrop.allow will not be able to place blacklisted blocks

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    <font color="rgb(16, 97, 179)">Source Code</font>

    * ItemDrop.allow - Give to players allowed to place blacklisted items
    * ItemDrop.add - Give to admins only, allows admins to change blacklisted items

    * /itemd add <blockid> - Allows you add a block to the blacklist (requires ItemDrop.allow)
    * /itemd remove <blockid> - Removes specified block id from the blacklist (requires ItemDrop.allow)
    * /itemd list - Lists all disabled block id's (no permission required)

    If you intend to modify the blocks in the file, disable ItemDrop before you do so, otherwise the new entries will be overwritten.
    The plugin stores the list of blacklisted blocks in a file ".../plugins/ItemDrop/dblocks.txt"

    * Only destroy items when they are moved into a chest

    * Destroy items on death

    * Stop spamming users when they try to pickup an item

    * Error handling with files

    * Allow users to select individual attributes for each block (no place,no place & no pickup, etc.)

    * Create default folder & file if not found

    * Sort the list upon adding a new item

    * Use a better config file format
    * Save blocklist as it is changed

    Version 1.2.1
    * Enabled allowed users to drop disabled items
    * Added a yet to be enabled debug mode

    Version 1.2
    * Fixed permissions issue
    * More lava fixes
    * Updated to 766

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    Version 1.1
    * Added Crafting tables to the list blocks that will check the player inventory.
    * Fixed lava placement problem
    * Fixed placement problem caused by my lava fix
    * Players with Itemdrop.allow can now open chests with out offending items being destroyed.

    Version 1.0
    * First Public Version
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    Your formatting is all over the place
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    I believe it is fixed now.
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    Precisely what i needed! does it remove it from the crafting table as well?
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    Updated, it now checks the inventory when a Crafting table is clicked.
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    Seems to work great, it prevents tnt and Flint very well, but even thu i have lava, stationary lava and lava bucket on blacklist, if someone pours out some lava from his/her bucket it does not get prevented.
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    Hmm, I'll investigate and see what's happening.

    Ok, looked into it and for some reason bukkit won't detect placement of blocks from a bucket. I have worked around the problem in the latest version. Thanks for letting me know about the bug.

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    Happy to be of help!
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    I am the Owner (OP) of the server ...
    I already add the permission "ItemDrop.allow" in the owners group to make sure that I was doing all correctly, but is still blocking the blocks that I prevent :l
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    Yes, that was my bad. My quick fix for the lava bucket failed to account for that. It has been fixed now, please re-download 1.1
    Thank you for taking the time to notify me.
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    NICE PLUGIN but how can i place the blocks by restoring griefed lava/water pools when it's blocked???

    EDIT: bcouse i own an server and really want to place it...
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    I'm not exactly sure what you mean. If you are an OP or have the permission 'ItemDrop.allow' you should be able to use the blocks as usual while everyone else can-not use them.
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    sorry but when my friend crafts TNT he can pick it up, place and blow it up! plzzz fix this...
    BUT IT'S AN VERY NICE PLUGIN! tnx for making it :D
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    That's odd, they should still be able to craft the item ( I haven't yet found a way to detect when an item is crafted) but not place it. Use /itemd list and make sure 46 is on there.
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    Multiworld support would be great (I want to stop people in creaative from making buckets and flint and steel, but keep PVP as it is). Maybe a blacklist for each world? or would it work if i gave .allow to all of PVP?
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    it is...
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    I have ItemDrop.allow as a permission in a few groups & I as admin, together with those groups, are not capable of placing blacklisted items, in fact nobody on the server can place those items. What's wrong?

    EDIT: Also experimented with the ItemDrop.add. The commands in the chat aren't working either. Seems like the plugin isn't really working with me here :(
    Too bad because it's just what I needed & I can't find any alternative
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    I'll look into it. Never used multi-world before so i'm not sure how it will work.

    That's odd i'll add a debug version this weekend (assuming I can find the time) and hopefully we can find out what is going on.

    Does typing "itemd list" in the console do anything?

    Are you using the latest version?
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    Yes, I'm using the latest version.
    The commands seem to work now, but when I type /give Depth08 <blacklisted item> It would simply say item removed, as it should. But the problem is that I am admin & have permissions set to '*' .
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    Found the problem. It will be fixed in the next version released this weekend.
    Edit: New version is out. 1.2.1
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    Thanks for doing this ;)
    Gonna test it soon
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    It's not creating a permissions file? How do I get this to work...
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    The dblocks file is included in the download. Here is an example of what your plugins folder should look like.

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    I'm moving on to focus my full attention on CombatTag, will no longer be updating itemdrop.
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    Can this be used to stop saplings from being used or drooped by trees?
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    @Trc202 can i update this for others?
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    Sure, I have no problem with that.

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