[UNSOLVED] What's the GroupManager version of "/pex toggle debug"?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by malon, Jan 21, 2014.

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    One of the really nice things about PEX was being able to see what permission was interfering.

    I've got a problem: My users have capslock spam enabled. I don't know what permission or what plugin is causing the issue.

    With PEX, I could enable "/pex toggle debug" and it would show me a list of all permissions being checked with every action, making it easy to debug. Does something like this exist for GM? I just cannot find it!

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    The Fancy Whale

    I am familiar with group manager but I am not sure you you mean by
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    Okay, what I meant was:

    Let's say a user were to put a cobblestone in a furnace. The permissions for that action are then checked across all plugins. So the output would be:

    modifyworld.interact.furnace TRUE
    modifyword.place.object TRUE
    modifyworld.place.object.stick TRUE
    modfyworld.hold.object TRUE
    modifyworld.hold.object.stick TRUE
    worldguard.interact.furnace TRUE
    worldguard.region.allowed TRUE
    and it would list a ton of things, all related to placing the stick in the furnace, from all plugins. If one were to return false (typically the bottom one because after false it stops checking), then you have found the issue causing stoppage on that particular action. I'm trying to find out what permission is stopping caps chat from appearing.

    And yes, if you were to turn it on when you have even just a couple people playing, the permission checks for everything add up so incredibly fast, multiple pages per second of console spam.
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    I think /ess debug
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    malon Each plugin has to do it by it self, permission plugins just insert the permissions to the users permission lists, the permission plugin cannot know when and what plugin checks which permission in list. Use /manucheckp, /mangcheckp, /manulistp, /manglistp to find permissions of users and groups. For full command description see the GroupManager wiki linked in my signature.
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    I guess I'm still confused. How do I check which permission is enabling caps filter? With PEX, I would just read the list of permissions associated with a command and find out which one was blocking the action. How do I do this in GroupManager, I can't figure out which plugin/permission is blocking. I just want to know the permission that is returning false on capschat. Every /manucheckp I've run only gives the value I expect to see, I'm not using /manucheckp against the right permission. How do I find out which permission?
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    malon The way PEX does it is by forcing plugins to use its own internal API to go though, which means it would certain plugins only, and was also not very stable. List plugins so we can try see which plugin can block it, or disable plugins one by one till it works.
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    You are incorrect on your assumption.

    I have a plugin I wrote called spawncoords.jar. It has one permission "spawncoords.use". I implented no API what-so-ever. This is what I get when I run pex toggle debug

    [17:16:54 INFO]: MALON issued server command: /spawn
    [17:16:54 INFO]: [PermissionsEx] User MALON checked for permission 'spawncoords.use', regex-matched a value of true from cache.
    I can post the source of spawncoords.jar if you want to see.
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    Could you please respond to my previous post? I felt like I provided solid evidence against what you said, but you didn't respond. Am I misunderstanding what you're trying to tell me? Based on what you previously said, I gathered that /pex toggle debug should only pick up on permissions from certain plugins (ones that have a callable API) and will ignore those that don't have an API.

    However, my plugin definitely does not have an API yet is still detected by the debug.

    Not trying to be a jerk, simply trying to understand.
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    malon What i meant is (and this may not be completely exact, but close enough):
    Pex uses reflection to the craftbukkit code and modifies how the superperms API works, which means while it may be able to catch permission checks, it is unstable and causes issues. GroupManager does not do this, but uses the superperms API regularly though the bukkit API which means it wont have stability issues.

    Either way, I wanted to focus on how to solve your current problem, so please list plugins or disable plugins one by one till you no longer have the caps issue.
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