[Unsolved] ArrayList getting Players inside it.....

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by ASHninja1997, Oct 1, 2013.

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    i am trying to figure out how to give the players inside the array-list their items I have two different Arraylists one called Attackers and one Call Defenders. Look in the code below for more information on what i am trying to accomplish. Thanks :D
    1. if(Defend.contains(po.getName())){
    2. Player Defending = (Player) Defend.iterator();
    3. po.teleport(new Location(Bukkit.getWorld("world"), -100.5, 70.5, 241.5));
    4. ItemStack bow = new ItemStack(Material.BOW);
    5. Defending.getInventory().addItem(new ItemStack(bow));
    6. } else {
    7. Player Attacking = (Player) Attack.iterator();
    8. po.teleport(new Location(Bukkit.getWorld("world"), -215.5, 64.5, 205.5));
    9. ItemStack Pick2 = new ItemStack(Material.STONE_PICKAXE);
    10. Pick2.addEnchantment(Enchantment.DIG_SPEED, 1);
    11. Attacking.getInventory().addItem(new ItemStack(Pick2));
    12. }
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    First of all, you may want to look into some java tutorials(especially with those variable names).
    Second, what is po? What are you even doing? Calling .iterator() returns a new iterator made from the list, so you can't cast that to a player. Read javadocs, watch tutorials, and you'll know what you're doing wrong, but if you want help, we're going to need more of your code and whatever errors you're getting.
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