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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by K3kz0r, Oct 12, 2011.

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    Hi everyone...i have a problem with a part of my map.

    A plate (12x12) of stone is floating in the air and cant be removed. When i remove it with a pickaxe, it appears again a few minutes later or at a server restart.
    The same happens with worldedit //set 0 and with chunkregenerate.
    It just reappears.

    Its like the changes are not saved in that part of the map, but all other changes to the map get saved normally. How can i fix such an error without destroying my map or generating another one?

    can noone help me? its really annoying that you cant edit a part of your map -.-

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    maybe a plugin you have installed is making it do that?
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    could be...but how can i find out which plugin is doing that?
    i have over 20 plugins installed...
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    Is it near the spawn point? spawn protection will prevent blocks from being destroyed around the spawn area. Make sure you are an OP and then try breaking the blocks. If it is plugin related, you could disable all plugins and see if you can destroy the blocks.
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    No its not. Its over a water area where no one has build anything before, but soon a building will need that area and that will be a problem.
    Thats the reason i want to know whats going on there.
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    try loading your world in MCEdit or Single Player or a Vanilla minecraft server and removing the blocks. If it still doesn't get erased, then you have a chunk problem. Otherwise it is probably a plugin problem. Also post your plugin list here so we can tell you which plugins are most likely causing the problem.
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