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  1. hello everyone,
    I think I have a good idea for a plugin and it goes like this.
    You place a chest and selected him with your cursor, then type a command and then everything in the chest is infinite, so anyone can pick out as much as they want but everything is still in the chest.
    I do not have many requirements for the plugin, but if you want to know then just send me a pm.
    I hope someone will make this plugin for me
    greetings bramhaag
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    This is a cool idea
  3. yeah, i know but can somebody made it for me?
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  5. I have already see that plugin but i want to put a item in a chest and then do a command and everything in that chest is than unlimited and i don't want to place a sign on the chest.
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    Alternatively you could use the [Free] signs inside Essentials, you just need to enable them in the config.

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