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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by lankanmon, Mar 18, 2011.

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    Hi guys, Since my server sent online, i have been getting an ip adress thaqt has kept on trying to connect, but continues to fail.

    The Ip is:
    and they connect with multiple ports...

    Here is a sample of what bukkit (CMD) shows:
    I removed all other data for privacy concerns...

    If you know what it is, or how to prevent it, please let me know, I would relay appreciate it.

    Thank You!
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    I had this. It was a site script on my site with those green/red balls to see if my server was online/offline.
    Actually I learned that u can take servers down with this shit.
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    Oh thanks! Any idea how to stop or just prevent it form showing up in the console? cause i don't mind it checking to see if it is online, but its bothersome, when you just want to see the important details in the console.

    also do you think i could make a request for someone to make a plugin that will allow you to remove the message from the console?
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    You can use plugins like minequery to poll your server, it works better than using a web page script.

    Your pooling interval is only every 5 minutes, so you should be fine leaving it as is, if you should so choose.
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    That is exactly whats happening to me, same IP too, except ive got two IP's doing it D:
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    I think that's the IP of You can just use a plugin to omit the message.
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    You don't need to revive old posts to re-answer already answered questions.
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    So, what plugin could get rid of this message? (I have my server polled by
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    Well, i don't know how to get rid of it but if it helps, i have traced the IP to Nagoya, Japan ;)

    Ok, that geolocator where innaccurate... The accual location where in Dallas, USA.
    But i sent an e-mail to and they confirmed that it was their IP, shecking my serverstatus;)

    And they answered:

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    I'm getting this IP aswell -
    Anyone know what it is from?
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    Have you signed up on some website that checks your serverstatus?
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    Locked. Dead Thread.
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