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    Plugin category: Cosmetics

    Minecraft version: Spigot 1.15 (Ideally would work with all versions, but it's ok if not)

    Suggested name: UniversalNameColors

    What I would like:
    I am looking for a plugin that colors people's names in chat and tab. I've tried many other plugins before, but none of them meet the requirements. I'm looking for something that works with EssentialsChat (for chat), LuckPerms (for the prefix in chat), and NametagEdit (for prefix in tab), which is why no other plugin works. Ideally It would override the color after the prefix, so the prefix would stay the same. If possible, then I'd like a GUI (similar to the one for DeluxeTags) to select the color, but it's completely fine if you can't do that - just make the /color command list the available colors. The suggested name is UniversalNameColors, because it would work with many other chat formatting plugins.

    Ideas for commands:
    /color - Opens GUI
    /colors - Also opens GUI
    /color <color> [name] - Sets color, the name is only for admins to change other people's colors
    /color clear [name] - Resets color back to default, the name is only for admins to change other people's colors
    /color check [name] - Checks the current color

    Ideas for permissions:
    universalnamecolors.gui - Allows use of /color (just to open the GUI, nothing else)
    universalnamecolors.<color> - Allows use of a color (through the GUI, and command)
    universalnamecolors.clear - Allows players to do /color clear to clear their color
    universalnamecolors.check - Allows players to check their own color
    universalnamecolors.others.<color> - Allows people to change other peoples color
    universalnamecolors.others.clear - Allows people to clear other peoples colors
    universalnamecolors.others.check - Allows people to clear other peoples color

    When I'd like it by: I'd like it within a week (maybe two), if possible

    Please tell me if, for whatever reason, this isn't possible, or if I've missed a good plugin that works with the above requirements.

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    Ok sorry but i don't really understand what you really want.Do you want a plugin that just overrides the other plugins colors? Because otherwise i don't see a point in making a plugin if you can set them up manually with other plugins
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    I'm looking for a plugin that changes the players' name color (as something to give to donors/sell on the buycraft), but the prefixes on the other plugins overrides the colors, so it stays the same. That's why I'm looking for one that is compatible. I hope I made sense there.
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    Here is the plugin

    Players with the permissions can execute the commands:

    colors.self - /color
    colors.others - /color [name]
    colors.checkself - /color check
    colors.checkothers - /color check [name]
    colors.clearself - /color clear
    colors.clearothers - /color clear [name]
    colors.reload - /color reload
    colors.help - /color help

    So this will overwrite most of the plugin chats and tabs.For example
    If you have EssentialsChat config to this:
    And let's say you have/someone set you a golden color, this is how the chat would look like:

    Anyway this is what i understood that you want so tell if you want to modify it
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    Thank you so much! May I ask if there is a separate permission for each color? Also, there are a few problems: all of the commands (apart from the first two) lead to 'An unexpected error occurred while attempting to perform this command'; the color in tab is cleared automatically after a few minutes/using one of the jumppads; and, I don't think I was being very clear before (sorry), but could you make it so that it doesn't remove the prefix, just changes the color after that? I'm happy to change the EssentialsChat config, if that would make the job easier.

    Thanks again,
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    So probably another plugin is also modifying the tab color so can't really do much about it but when they chat and they don't have their assinged color in tab it will be set back. The command errors are resolved so you can use every command. And the prefix for LuckPerms i don't really know because i just tested and it worked for me
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    Thank you so much for helping me out!
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    Machine Maker

    If your request has been completed, please mark this thread as Filled.
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    @MyNameIsNotFinn Why don't you simply give donator's rank permission to use /nick and colors so that they can use even different colors on their name just how they like? xD
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