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    I am thinking of starting a universal plugin wiki where players can go and simply click on the plugin they want help with, and it would display the commands and what they do in an orderly list which is easy to read. However I am not sure whether people would use this and I do not want to waste my time if no-one will use it.
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    So basically BukkitDev?
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    No. A wiki with in depth descriptions, screenshots and it brings all the plugins to one place neatly instead of a huge list and endless pages...
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    I had a idea, thinking of making a wiki based of the media wiki(wikipedia) script, what I was going to do is have every plugin listed there with youtube tutorials, and descriptions and all the info you need really, I got a web host for this now, but I never went through with it.
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    So you want to make a separate wiki for the over 8000 plugins on DevBukkit with in-depth descriptions that people need to maintain in addition to their project page on DevBukkit? And all of this without a large list or multiple pages... Good luck!
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    Haha people will have to apply unless it is a well known plugin because I am not doing over 8000 pages.....

    I'm just thinking of using wikia to start off with but maybe changing to a different site after a while

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    You could start of by scraping bukkitdev or bukget to get basic pages for each plugin (default ones) then provide more information / let user provide more information. Though it seems like bukkitdev covers a lot of this alright.
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    Good idea
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    If you aren't going to have every plugin then it won't be Universal... and people won't be able to just go and click, because it would only work for the plugins that people put on your site... And who is going to maintain and keep all those wiki pages up to date and accurate?
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    Nice idea but why would a plugin developer create detailed help pages on their sites and DBO page then have to put it on a wiki which can be changed by anyone?
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    How about this, don't store actual info for plugins - But have a central area with links to documentation, downloads, issue trackers, source, etc for every plugin. That means you don't need to maintain the docs, and its up to the plugin author to maintain them.
  12. How about a system like PluginMetrics? Where you, as a developer, have to add some code in your plugin that will send data to this site with the information/you have to add this to get a basic page on the site (with some basic data e.g. name, description, author, projectsite, commands,...) and then you, as developer, have to make an account on the site, claim the plugin and then you can add extra information...
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    Why would it need to be sent from the plugin... Thats unnecessary connections being forced on users when it doesn't send any user specific or even user related data.... Not to mention that still doesn't make it "Universal" but rather just a place with a couple plugins...
  14. True :/ let's just all use devbukkit instead of this project that never will happen...
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    Any half decent plugin will tell you how to use it; no need to make a whole wiki.
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