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  1. So I’ve been doing my best to find a plugin that does bounties in a unique way I was looking for for my server but I haven’t been able to find anything. I basically want an server given auto bounty for only a configurable amount of players for a specific player. The closest I find are some automatic bounties but the main thing I want is an expectation time and randomly server chosen bounty hunter (preferably configurable to be at least only one hunter).
    Main features I would appreciate:
    - Server given bounties.
    - Configurable amount of random bounty hunters chosen (so server will only reward a certain player or player(s) that complete the bounty and not just anyone).
    - An expiration time on the bounty.
    - Vault compatible money reward on completing bounty with configurable reward amount.
    - Reward goes to the hunted player if they survive the bounty time.
    - Optional broadcast the player with a bounty and the bounty hunter(s) on or off to the server (so basically the bounties could stay a secret until a person is attacked).
    - Option to not tell the player with a bounty on their head that they have a bounty on them and instead just don’t tell them they were chosen to have a hit on them.
    - Let the bounty hunter(s) know in chat about their hit every x seconds.
    - Chance of the player dropping their head when killed by the bounty hunter(s) and maybe vise versa.
    - Configurable amount of bounties set at once.
    - Configurable time intervals of when to start a new bounty (for example start a new one every seven days).
    - Option to not let players in the same faction have a bounty on each other (FactionsUUID preferably)
    - Option to stop certain commands when the bounty hunter(s) is within x amount of chunks of the hunted player or just stop certain commands for players with a bounty on them (such as /warp and /f home).
    - Option to not let players in certain worlds get bounties on their head.
    - Option to cancel a server given bounty/hit. (Maybe /autohit cancel).
    - Option to configure how many players have to be online for the server to make the hit/bounty.

    Commands could be (all for opped only pretty much in terms of permissions):
    /autohit show (shows admin or opped players who the hunted and who the bounty hunters are for the hit(s))
    /autohit cancel (cancels whatever hit was generated)
    /autohit bypass <player name> (prevents that player from getting just on them)
    /autohit bountyhunter <number> (sets how many players are the hunters)
    /autohit schedule <minutes> (sets an amount of time until server automatically makes a new bounty)
    /autohit expiration <minutes> (sets the time until a bounty/hit expires)
    /autohit broadcast true/false (sets wether a broadcast of the hit is broadcasted to the online players)
    /autohit reward <price> (sets the amount of money a player receives upon fulfilling the hit or outlasting the hit)
    /autohit warn true/false (sets wether the targeted player is told they are being targeted or not)
    /autohit remind <minutes> (sets the amount of minutes the bounty hunters are reminded in chat on who they must kill)
    /autohit headdrop <number 1-100> (sets the chance of a player dropping their head on being killed during a bounty they are involved in).
    /autohit hitlimit (sets how many bounties can exist at one time)
    If you can’t make a lot of these commands, which some seem would be definitely hard, then a configuration file is always a good way to edit parameters also!

    this would be greatly appreciated if someone could make this for my server. Thank you in advance to anyone why even considers or attempts this!

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