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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by epic000, Nov 24, 2013.

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    hello guys,

    i have a bukkit 1.6.4 server and i build a lot of things underwater.
    i use default texture pack.
    i cant see far underwater and i want that to change.
    does anyone here knows a texture pack (or maybe something else) that can achieve a better view underwater?
    since i would probably fail to configure my server to use that texture pack, i would also like to ask to explain to me how i get my server to use it.
    you need to spoon feed me the information to prevent my failure (please, no lmgtfy.com).
    i am looking for a 16x16 texture pack that is very good.
    i am not going to install difficult thing to make it work.
    i have a submarine mod so i want to be able to see what i am moving towards.
    thank you all in advance.

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    turt2live Retired Staff

    Just replace water with a transparent image...
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    As i already said, turt2live , you need to explain everything.
    I still have no idea where i can get the image, where and how i need to replace it with what and where and how.
    So if you could give me a link to a transparant image (i hope it wont be removed by a moderater) and tell me where i can find the original file and how i should replace it, that be great.
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    I thought there was hope, hope in the faith of humanity...
    I wondered to put "and no youtube" next to the "no lmgtfy.com", i decided that that was not necessary.
    I failed in making the right decision.

    All of humanity is lost!
    We have failed!

    By the way, anyone got a serious suggestion?
    I havent had any...

    Let me qoute myself:
    "Thou shalt not be rewarded with likes for unhelpfull comments." -epic000

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    If you can't watch a tutorial,then we can't do anything for you.
    Anyway. Use respiration 3 if you want to see easier underwater.
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    Respiration 3?
    Going to try it...
    I updated your "link" (see word anyway in the qoute)
    Remember i was honest to say that i would fail and then i get something like this (see zarko's original message, klick the word "anyway").
    Here is a new link, could you tell me what it leads you to?
    I desperatly want to know...

    Mentioning "respiration" is possible helpfull.
    Here, have my like!
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    epic000 your either a bad troll or you need to learn to RTFM... if you don't even know how to change images in a texture pack what the heck are you doing on a bukkit website go to mojang support and ask them not bukkit as this forum is for server administration not texture pack help esp to those to lazy to even watch a youtube video that explains it for them. Zarko was right you need to follow these instructions and do it YOURSELF
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    I have a different launcher.
    Not only is it cracked, my saves are stored in C:/documents and not in application data.
    I use the simplemc launcher.
    Because it is different i cant go to mojang support with something they didnt made.
    I looked through the entire folder where this launcher stores everything but i couldnt find a jarfile.
    Im the tutorials they say "goto C:/Document%20and%20Setting/Application%20Data" but my launcher does not use this folder so the titorials are inacurrate.
    Thank you all for telling me that i should get a brain, i was the only one to understand that i have a different launcher.
    But i think that i am the only one who would explain this in fully if he knew how, i guess that some of you do know but have some sort of brain disease that causes them to be unable to explain things...

    I know HOW to change images in a texture pack, but WHERE IS the texture pack?
    Tell me where the texture pack is and i am done!
    This new launcher has a texture pack folder but it is empty and there is no default pack in that folder.
    To those who are wondering why i posted this on a bukkit forum, i need this effect for the whole server.
    I found this the most suitable forum to post it on, except i forgot one thing:
    The people that can help me have not found this post and the people who want to annoy me have found it and decided that i need some extra explaining on how stupid my question is.
    I know the question is stupid so please dont tell me that again.
    Btw could you guys stop flaming? Thankyou
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    cracked versions of minecraft are not supported here,sorry.(not)
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    Jade Retired Staff

    Locked. We don't support cracked clients and offline mode servers.
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