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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by TheBlueBlaster, Nov 15, 2015.

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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: PixelMineUHC

    What I want: So I want to have it so in the config I can change the mode if its solo, or team mode(will have commands /team, /team invite, /team accept, etc.) This plugin should only work on a dedicated server, which means when the game is over it will restart the server etc. And in game it will also have a scoreboard with how much time is left etc. I would also like the game to run with the 1.8 border(config for size). And have it so that there is a lobby, and you need 4 people to start(also config option please), which is also where you can do /team invite if team mode is enabled.

    Note: Can you please make most of these things in a config file :) and this is also a dedicated server UHC plugin

    Ideas for commands: /uhc start, /team, /team invite, /team leave

    Ideas for permissions: uhc.start

    When I'd like it by: Any time is fine, but as soon as you can make it, please do.
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    So you want a bunch of team commands, that do....what?
    what game?
    Scoreboard? Time?


    You just explained a whole bunch of not very much, what is this plugin meant to do?
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    I was actually going to start a UHC plugin on my own, so I might take this if you could explain with more detail. You have to understand, we need to have a really clear understanding of your thoughts so we could transfer them over with accuracy.
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    So the team commands: You can do /team invite to invite a player to your team only if the mode in the config is set to teammode, if its solo mode than it will not work. BTW the team maximum is 2, if you can make a config file to change it that would be fine but its optional.


    On the scoreboard, I want to it be something like this:

    Border: This should be the 1.8 border, and the size should be at default, 1000, but please add a config to edit it(and all the other stuff)

    Time: The time should be 60 min(again config file) after 60 minutes then it teleports you to the center of the map and sets the worldborder to 50, which is aka deathmatch

    When you join the game, you get teleported to a glass waiting area thing. As i said with the team thing if its teammode than you can do /team invite <player> , /team leave, /team accept <player>. If it isnt teammode(aka solo) than you cant do /team commands and you just wait till the game starts. it takes 4 players to start the game. When timer is over in lobby, if 4 people are in the lobby(the lobby time should be 1 minute), than it scatters the players around, if its teammode, it scatters everyone around but it will teleport the team into one group. Then you start the game.

    Obviously its UHC so naturalRegeneration gameule should be set to false. As I said with the scoreboard, only in a live game does the scoreboard show. If you get killed, it puts you in gamemode 3(aka. spectator) and you can spectate for the rest of the game. If you join after the game has started you also get put into gamemode 3. If you can can you please make it so players dont spawn in water. If you dont then can you make it so they atleast get a boat if they spawn in water.

    When the last person standing/team standing than the server will count down then teleport all players to the lobby(defined in config) . The server will restart and reset the world.
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    Once I am done with the current plugin they requested, I will most likely take it. If anyone else wants to do it, they are welcome to anyways.
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    Don't forget to tag me so I get notified.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Don't forget to tag yourself either then ;)
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    I know this was a long time ago and now i need it again so bump. And also @TheNewTao since he said he would try to make it.

    I forgot to mention that i would also like a deathmatch which would start by what ever time is in the config. And there should be a lobby like it loads a schematic into 0, 0 and then removes it when game starts. What im asking for is sorta like uhc.zone's uhc. I would actually like basically everything to be like UHC zone

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    I am making an Uhc plugin right now, it will have all the features you want, plus some of my ideas, completely customizable and good-looking :) I will let you know when I finish it. I don't know yet if I will publish it when I am done, but I will send you the plugin regardless.
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    Omg. Yes thanks so much. I was so angry i couldn't find any good UHC plugin and i really wanted also one that had all the features I want. And finally you make one! I cant wait to see what you are making.

    Btw when you said some of my ideas and it was customizable and good looking. i was like :O woooahhhhh
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