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    Hey, guys. I need a Plugin Coder, so if you're interested, please reply!
    I need help finding a uhc plugin and coding it!
    Basically the plugin should include;
    *Creating and joining team of max. 2 players
    *Automatic game start at "x" amount of players
    *Teleporting the players [Teams together] to set postion
    * Generating new game after old ends
    * Healing turned off, heal by eating golden apples
    * Show health in [Tab] player menu...
    And all the other things from UHC for mine craft

    If you're interested, please add my Skype: <removed personal info>
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    Are you asking for a dev for your server or a plugin to be coded.
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    plugin to be coded.
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    Details? Multiworld? Dedicated? Also when's the game ends are they so posed to be kicked or sent to the default world and have a new world created for the game?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    WaffleMC How do you join? How do you set the area?
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    There is already a UHC plugin out there that does everything except generating a new world automatically. It may do this too, I've just never tried it.

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