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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Nathan C, Oct 29, 2011.

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    Nathan C

    Well, I knew there was a such mod as this, but have just now found it.

    ----LINK REMOVED, I am not making it this easy to find it -_- ----

    It is a chunk downloader mod that can download and copy all chunks off of any multiplayer world and export it as a normal world. This seems like it could be a very bad thing for multiplayer servers.

    My question is, there a way to stop/block/detect something like this?
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    nope, flat out nope, you have to send the chunks to the players so they can see it and you have to assume once you send them he can save them and do with them whatever he wants

    there is just no way for you to control what goes on with someone's computer (in a legal fashion)
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    Nathan C

    Thought so..

    Well, this sucks. Nice to know that everything we build can be stolen and used somewhere else.
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    yes there is, install spout on your server and force clients to use spout ( or use a mod which limits the acces to certain worlds only for spout users )
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    This will just make it harder, not impossible.
    As long as your client receives data on what the world looks like, it can store it locally.
    SpoutCraft is not immune to modifications. Even if it was, this data can just as easily be obtained without modifying the client.

    This is a common issue in many fields.
    This is why we have laws.
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    Oh lol, never knew of the existence of this one.
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    Exept than modifying spout is something that's rarely done, since it updates so often and the updates are so code changing. I'd bet my money on Spout keeping things like this out of the way for atleast a few months.
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    Would be a fun sight to see though, if you have anti x-ray on ^.^ People will just get chunks filled with ores.
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    You wouldn't even need to modify spout, just modify the client to say that it is spout even if it isn't
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    Correct, you can just make your client send that its spout, rather easy :7
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    You could catch client mouse clicks and key presses, do all the client calculations and simply stream back the image. <3
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    But my advanced image recognition system will reconstruct the 3D environment on the fly as different geometry comes into view!
    Okay, that might have been a stretch :p

    But really, should this be a real concern. As in significant amounts of money is involved. (which is unlikely)
    The proper solution is to get a lawyer involved. Get your users to agree to terms and conditions before joining the server.
    And finally actively hunt down those who steal your content through the legal system.
    It's a giant pain and it's really expensive, but that's how it works.

    Compare it to piracy, more DRM did jack shit for them.
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    Nathan C

    Ok, I hate to say this...but I tried out this plugin today.

    And I have to say it is VERY SCARY how much it can copy and how accurate it is. It makes a perfect copy of every single chunk you ever loaded on that server.
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    well software exists that will take pictures and turn it as best it can into a 3d scene, and since minecraft is made from blocks it would make it that much easier. Then all that would have to be made is a program to take the 3d scene and translate it into chunks. So even this wouldn't save you from them stealing your work, just harder

    the part of this is, between having a minecraft client running for each person logged into your server and the cpu horsepower needed to compress the images to send to the client, you would need one hell of a cluster of computers for even a small server
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    Nathan C

    Yeah, I removed the link so that people would actually have to search for it themselves instead of being handed it.

    Although thanks for doing the opposite. -__-
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    its really not going to hurt much given it isn't hard to find
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    its on the main minecraft site, it wasnt very hidden anyway
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    Really though, does it matter that much?
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    Not unless they take the single player map and host a separate server claiming they created all the material in there.
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    But if they're that much of a lowlife to steal someone elses work and claim it as their own; when asked to recreate it they wouldnt have a clue how.

    This mod really isn't a problem imo.

    Hell. I'd even use it to download cool things on servers just to take a look at the redstone wiring etc.
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    What about locating ores/dungeons/strongholds, and that sort of thing? It's too easy to cheat in this game...
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    Personally I think that if someone goes through the effort of using a mod to download chunks, then either an xray mod or a world editor to find ore, then makes sure they properly record the location of each pack of ore they want instead of simply digging into the ground then they deserve it.
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    Shady mod for sure. However, would be a great way to grief those multiplayer servers without griefing those servers. Copy the map to your own server, grief away.

    Sometimes you just want to blow stuff up, you know?
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    And surely the same defences that work against X-ray mods on servers now will work against looking for ores/dungeons/strongholds with this too. If we aren't sending the info to the client, they won't see it.

    It might be possible to do some kind of similar lying to the client to corrupt any maps this downloads (out of view distance/below surface => all cobble/fake details) but it would be MUCH more resource intensive (lie to each client differently, very regular updates. CPU and Network would be taxed. Not nice). Or possibly send replacement chunk data when a chunk would become unloaded (can we send them chunks they haven't requested?).
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    My comment was not meant seriously- of course my suggestion was absurd.
    Yeah, but that would be an awful lot of work to develop software that can do it as the video is streamed to the computer without it being ridiculously slow. In regards to the slowness of the server, it's not too far out (though definitely not the kind of thing you would have on a Minecraft server). I don't think there's really a big problem with downloading the world, though. There's not much you can get out of it- almost everything's already visible to the player if they put in enough effort.
    Yeah, I don't see much of a problem here. The seed is already easily obtainable, and creations that you'd want to steal are already in plain sight.
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    and that's why i commented with an equally absurd response
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    Also took me about 2 seconds to Google. The powah of search ranking!
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    This actually was a problem a while ago when a server called SinGaming copied the spawn of Herocraft (using a chunk downloader) and hosted it on their server as their spawn. Not only that, but they even paid for one of those sponsored Minestatus spots (at the time) so they had relatively high traffic.

    Not that I play on either server regularly, just seeing such audacious plagiarism especially from a server which paid 100USD+ to get a sponsored slot on MS pisses me off.

    They changed the spawn (barely) now, but for proof look in the comments section: http://minestatus.net/7090-sin-gaming-24-7-pvp-9000-members-1-server-1-8

    If I ever found out that some sleazy bastard downloaded my server's spawn and hosted it as their own I would hunt them down and destroy their computer with fire and holy water.
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