Tutorial - Renaming Items

Discussion in 'Resources' started by JPG2000, Sep 1, 2013.

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    For Steps 1-5, you are expected to have your onCommand method, as well as your onEnable and onDisable ready, with your Plugin.yml.

    1: Create the ItemStack. I am going to create a ItemStack names IceCream, and make it 1 piece of Sugar.
    1. ItemStack IceCream = new ItemStack(Material.SUGAR, 1);

    2: We are going to make the ItemMeta. I am going to call it IceCreamMeta.
    1. ItemMeta IceCreamMeta = IceCream.getItemMeta();

    3: This is where we do the actually renaming. You can use IceCreamMeta. to see a list, but I am just going to rename it. Also, this works with ChatColors.
    1. IceCreamMeta.setDisplayName("IceCream");

    4: We are now going to rap this up. We need to set IceCream to IceCreamMeta.
    1. IceCream.setItemMeta(IceCreamMeta);

    5: OPTIONAL: You can now give it to the player's inventory.
    1. Inventory pi = player.getInventory();
    2. pi.addItem(IceCream)

    The Final Product:
    1. if (alias.equalsIgnoreCase("GiveMeIceCream")) {
    2. Player player = (Player) sender;
    3. Inventory pi = player.getInventory();
    5. ItemStack IceCream = new ItemStack(Material.SUGAR, 1);
    6. ItemMeta IceCreamMeta = IceCream.getItemMeta();
    7. IceCreamMeta.setDisplayName("IceCream");
    8. IceCream.setItemMeta(IceCreamMeta);
    10. pi.addItem(IceCream);
    11. }

  2. JPG2000 Message a mod and ask them to move, but good, simple tutorial.
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    Otherwise, it's fine although many people can just look up "How to name items Bukkit" on google. On the other hand, some people are too stupid to do so...

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