[Tutorial] Port Forwarding Helper if the others didn't work

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Zeus5966, May 4, 2011.

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    1. Check your EXTERNAL ip adress. You can find it Here
    2. Make sure you port forwarded properly and matched up the port in the server.properties and both UDP and TCP are on
    3. Check to see if you have 2 routers(if you don't then This guide won't help you)
    4. Go on to the first router's page to find the Default Gateway (that is your other router's ip)
    5. Connect to that router and find DMZ host (usually found under firewall)
    6. Type in the first routers ip (found near the Default Gateway and is NOT the ip you connected to to get to the first router management consol)
    7. If there is a checkbox, check it
    8. Apply/save changes
    9. get someone to test it out again using your EXTERNAL IP adress.

    Still isn't clear enough? Go HERE and follow instructions there.

    Hope this helped alot of people and will lessen the "NO ONE CAN CONNECT TO MY SERVER OMG I WANT TO DIE" threads
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    and dose it matter if its routers at diff houses?
    otherwise why the hell would someome have 2 routers?
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    Some internet companies add their own router to the network and also some other people daisy chain their routers. Some people might acutally use it as a firewall because if the DMZ isn't set properly all incoming information will get blocked by the first one. Just because you don't have 2 routers, doesn't mean everyone else don't have 2 routers.
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    Some ISP's have modem/router combo's.
    I have 2 routers, plus my modem, because for some stupid reason my brother thinks wifi will leach like half of the speed when it's on..
    plus that way I know it will stay on(he pays for it, one is in his room and mine is in my room).

    Also, you can use http://www.canyouseeme.org/ while the server is up to see if the port is open.
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