[TUTORIAL] How to run a Bukkit Server [w/o Hamachi] [Windows]

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    How to run a Bukkit Server
    Ever since getting Minecraft, i'd always wanted to physically run my own server, but i had no idea where to start. I'd tried all the tutorials, but none of them seemed to help me. My router and provider sticks me with a Dynamic IP, and i had no idea how to set up a static one, nor port forward. After a few months of trying, I finally gave up.​
    Not too long after, i tried again. Searching through the tutorials day after day to find out how to portforward and run a Bukkit server without hamachi, again, to no avail. But i wasn't going to give up, and after days of searching I finally found my answer.​
    So the purpose of this tutorial is to include every single step into setting up your own server within maybe 1-2 hours. My motto is, "If it ain't done right, gotta do it yourself".​
    What you will need:
    1. the Minecraft Server Client​
    2. a decent network provider​
    3. patience​
    Static and Dynamic IP's:​
    You can tell if you have a static or a dynamic ip if your IPv4 address changes every time you connect to your network. This is how to check:​
    1. Open up the CMD​
    2. Type in ipconfig​
    3. Look for the IPv4 address on your Wireless Network Connection​
    4. Remember it.​
    5. Disconnect from your network and connect with your phone or another computer.​
    6. Connect again with the previous computer.​
    7. Has the ip changed?​
    If so, you will have to set up a Static IP through your router which can easily be done with a really easy program by Portforward which you can download Here (if your lazy, this can check if you have a Dynamic IP or Static IP.)
    (PRO TIP: Make sure to set the Static IP a high value to ensure less conflicts ( not​
    Port-forwarding is different on every router, so i'm going to run through the basic set up. If this is incorrect for your router, go to Portforward.com and look up how to port-forward on your router.​
    1. Open up ipconfig (see "Static and Dynamic IP's")​
    2. Look for the Default Gateway IP on your Wireless Network​
    3. Open up your preferred Internet Browser (Firefox ftw)​
    4. Put the Default Gateway IP into the Address bar and hit enter​
    5. It should ask you to login. If you do not know the Username and Password set for your router, then try obvious ones like "Username: Admin | Password: Admin"​
    6. Go into the "Basic" Section of your Router​
    7. Go into NAT or Virtual Server (which ever one is there. If its not there, look for Virtual Server or NAT in the Advanced)​
    7.1. [NAT ONLY] Once in NAT, press Virtual Server​
    8. On Rule Index 1, put in the Start Port: 25565 and in the End Port: 25565 (if there is a local start port and end port, put the same port in aswell). Put the Protocol to TCP and input your Static IP​
    Address (eg: into the Local IP Address.​
    9. Repeat the process, but change the Protocol to UDP​
    Congratulations! You have successfully port-forwarded and ready to move onto Server Creation :D
    Server Creation
    Well done, you've got the tricky bit over and done with! Now this bit is really easy, so you can relax and ease off. Maybe go take a break and get a nice, cold and refreshing drink. Because you've earned it.​
    Anyway, moving on.​
    Basic Setup:​
    First off, what you want to do (if you haven't already done it) is download the latest Server client from www.minecraft.net.​
    After downloaded, put it into a folder on your desktop for quick access. After putting it in the folder, run the client and let it generate all the map files and config.​
    After you've done that, you'll want to open up server.properties with Notepad or similiar (I recommend Notepad ++) and follow this template:​
    #Minecraft server properties
    #Sun Aug 07 19:07:28 BST 2011
    level-name=world (your level name)
    allow-nether=true (set to false for no nether)
    view-distance=10 (self explanatory)
    spawn-monsters=true (set to false for no monsters)
    online-mode=true (irrelevant)
    spawn-animals=true (set to false for no animals)
    max-players=20 (the max amount of players)
    server-ip= (leave this blank)
    pvp=true (set to false for no pvp)
    level-seed= (irrelevant)
    server-port=25565 (leave as default)
    allow-flight=false (set to true if you want to fly)
    white-list=false (set to true if you want a whitelist)
    Just edit yours to your preferred option.

    Installing Bukkit:

    Installing Bukkit is extremely simple and shouldn't take you more than 2 minutes.

    1. First off, download the Bukkit latest recommended build from this here website and put the .jar into your server directory (where you put the server client)

    2. Open up notepad and put in:

    SET BINDIR=%~dp0
    CD /D "%BINDIR%"
    "%ProgramFiles%\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe" -Xincgc -Xmx1G -jar craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
    or if your running Java 7 Beta put this:

    SET BINDIR=%~dp0
    CD /D "%BINDIR%"
    "%ProgramFiles%\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe" -Xincgc -Xmx1G -jar craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
    3. Save it as a .bat file and run it. It should create some new folders.

    Congratulations! You have successfully set up your Bukkit Server!

    I am so proud of you. You have grown from a small hatchling to a large, majestic bird... Metaphorically speaking.

    Now the last part, which is the easiest.

    Getting people to join!

    For people to connect to your server, they need your external ip. I have indeed seen people before going around posting "Join mai srvr, ip is lul"

    I laughed.

    To allow people to join your server follow these steps:

    1. go to whatsmyip.org
    2. Give your friends that big ip at the top of the screen
    3. Play!

    Congratulations! You have successfully set up a full, working Bukkit server without hamachi!

    Again, I am proud.

    I hope this tutorial helped you, I know how frustrating it can be when you can't find a tutorial for a specific thing so post here if you need any help and I'll do my best to answer.

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    Good writeup, but things like

    Open the CMD wont help noobs.

    Not everyone will see IPv4 or wireless network connections, thats only on vista and 7 not xp.

    I can list off a bunch of other bits to help you improve this, and I am NOT saying that you did a bad job, I think this is great, I only want to provide feedback if you want to improve it.

    Just to add, this is my video on PortForwarding, its directed twards noobs. And can be used for most routers, IF you have a router. If you only have a modem then you dont need to worry about this :)

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    I'd appreciate all feedback, but this isn't really aimed at newbies, its aimed at people who know a bit about computers. But just say anything that i can add and i will.
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    Understood, thanks!
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    Bump - Did this help anyone? I'd really like to know :)
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    Everytime I click on the .bat file, I come to cmd.exe, and it says that system can not find the specified path
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    I have the exact same problem

    But my server seems to be working, my friend in canada can access it.

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    "%ProgramFiles%\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe" -Xincgc -Xmx1G -jar craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
    What's bolded is the name of his craftbukkit file, change it to what your craftbukkit file's name is.

    Edit: To clarify, the .bat is trying to execute a file that doesn't exist on your computer.
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    You guy must be total beginners, except maybe not cem608
    is because
    Is the name of HIS craftbukkit file name
    and don't forget he's using a mac
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