[TUT] How To Fix Most Common errors [WIP]

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Kodfod, Aug 10, 2012.

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    Hey guys, i want to take the time and effort to make a thread for the most common errors you may come across when developing a plugin.


    (source: Zerkhan's Post Here)

    To fix this problem, read the error. This one for example was caused by Not starting the bukkit.jar correctly.

    Always put checks into you plugins like this one:
    1. if(someObj == null) { return; } else {
    2. //code
    3. }

    Major Minor version:
    This is caused when you compile a jar using 1.7 and trying to run it in 1.6. Re-compile in java 1.6 and you should be set to go!

    If i missed another common console error please tell me. Thanks!

    Common Code Problems.

    My Commands say "Unknown command. Please type /help"!

    This is because you did not add it to the plugin.yml file like so:
    #Generic Plugin.yml
    name: Kodfod
    main: me.kodfod.kodfod.kodfodMain
    version: 0.1
        description: Does something!
        usage: /<command>
    I made a plugin, it works but another plugin does something else at the same time.

    To fix this you (or the developer) Needs to change the command names or make aliases.

    How to solve your own problems Quicker!

    Check out this Bukkit Wiki Page For Developers. This is a wealth of knowledge and know how.
    You can also check out the Bukkit API Documents Here or Here

    Again, if you want me to add something feel free to post below! That was all i could think of right off the bat =P
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